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How Gee Bryant Is Empowering Women to Become Their Best Self Through Health



How Gee Bryant Is Empowering Women to Become Their Best Self Through Health

It is true to say that good health equals a good life. A good life meaning more self-confidence, more success, and even longer life. Staying healthy is a growing challenge in today’s society, but one man has decided to take up the challenge, his name is Gee Bryant. Gee Bryant has not only managed to live healthily and become successful himself, but he has also helped others do the same. He has been able to empower many, mainly women, to live healthier lives and live better quality lives. Not many individuals are able to positively influence people’s lives in this way and this sets him apart from the crowd. 


Who is Gee Bryant?

 Well, Gee Bryant is a successful entrepreneur, a success coach, and a fitness expert. He runs the RI28 online fitness program, which stands for Results in twenty-eight Days, X28 which is the extreme or advanced version of the program and owns The Loft Athletic Club gym. His gym is the most popular in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in Philadelphia but moved to Atlanta in pursuit of his then-new passion, fitness training. A clear mindset and the focus of whom he wanted to be led to his present achievements and success. Gee started out hustling selling any and everything to earn a living and then finally went into the fitness industry beginning as a personal trainer. His go-getter attitude led him to start an independent gym due to an overflow of clients after doing some marketing through social media. He manages to run the online business successfully with the help of other like-minded individuals. 

Gee Bryant is dedicated to being different in the way he conducts his business. Thousands of people have benefited from the fitness and success coaching programs he hosts. So, how is he empowering women to become their best selves? 


Online Fitness Program 

In a world where the internet has made sharing information very easily, it only makes sense to take advantage of this platform. Gee Bryant has helped thousands of women live better through his online fitness program. What started as youtube videos and simple online programs grew into a fitness website. Many women have managed to get into their best shape and gain more self-confidence through the website, all this while just at home. Its success is mainly contributed by the fact that it is very simple to follow. Many women wish to work out but are not confident enough to go to a public gym thus the online program comes as a better option, and it works. Through the RI28 & X28 program, results are assured after twenty-eight days, it also includes meal plans. 

Gee’s online program has been a total success seeing some female clients lose more than 100 lbs. He has not only helped those looking to shed weight but also those struggling with illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus and more. Many women have now gotten the courage to chase and get to their dreams in life.


 The Loft Athletic Club Gym 

Gee’s hobby turned passion took him from being a regular personal trainer to venturing into serious entrepreneurship and starting his own gym, The Loft Athletic Club. This gym became very popular in a short time after its establishment. His client list includes women of different sizes, shapes and from different backgrounds including some female celebrities who stop by for work out sessions. The positive atmosphere in Gee Bryant’s gym is one you will find nowhere else. Seven classes are held at the gym every week, & two are for women specifically, a dance class and Glute camp, but this does not mean they don’t have male clients. Gee gets clients from all parts of the country who come to take up lessons at The Loft Athletic Club. He is able to transform lives through his own life lessons and experiences. 

Finally, it is evident that a healthy life transforms into more self-confidence and success. Gee Bryant is the perfect example to demonstrate this concept through his life experience and through those whose lives he has impacted. He has enabled many people to pursue their goals not only in fitness but also beyond. Gee encourages people to do whatever they want and not be a product of environmental circumstances.

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