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How Jason Bramble Went From Doubted Kid to 6-Figure Business Owner



How Jason Bramble Went From Doubted Kid to 6-Figure Business Owner

Jason Bramble grew up in Southwest Philadelphia with his mother and two brothers. Jason lived in a very rough area growing up and when he was young, his alcoholic father left his life. From a young age, he saw the mistakes his father had made and promised himself that he wouldn’t repeat his father’s actions.

Although he knew he wanted to change, he was still a helpless child. Hoping through school, he struggled. He went to school and was constantly seeing poverty. He even to this day still remembers being scared to walk home and even once, had a gun pointed in his face. Due to his mother’s struggle, he saw her work hard and in turn bring back very little. Although his mother wasn’t financially successful by any means, he had a great role model for the art of work ethic.

Fast forwarding through the struggle of childhood, when Jason became a teen he longed for a change. He started early by shoveling snow and he remembers shoveling 10-20 driveways a day, just trying to save money and change his life. At some points, he would sneak money into his mom’s purse just to help her as much as he could. From a young age, Jason and his brothers were always forced to be the men of the house.

In search of a better life for Jason, his mother decided to give over custody to his aunt and uncle. Jason decided to pursue higher education, he saw it as the best option to make a change, even though he strongly disliked schooling. While he was in school, he started building a network marketing business. It was his first real experience in business, personal development, and trying to achieve personal and financial success.

While he was in school, he was still searching for more opportunity in business. He went to the dean’s office to find an internship, and one opportunity with a Marketing Firm came up. Which he’s now been involved with for 5 years. Now, he’s running hot e enablement department and has helped scale that company from a couple million in revenue to 40 million plus and expanding. He is also working alongside his close friend and business partner Joe Staiber, helping him grow his digital agency StaiberrConsulting, which they have already grown to six figures in 3 short months.

For only 26 years old, Jason Bramble has seen tons of success. Not only is he a marketing and business development expert, but he is truly happy. Although Jason was fighting an uphill battle trying to become successful, he used the power of a positive mindset and hard work to reach his goals. Although Jason has faced massive adversity in his life, he still proves that with enough action, anyone can achieve what they want in life.