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How Jason Capital Became A Millionaire at 24 Years Old



Jason Capital

Not many people love their regular job due to many different reasons. The most common one, however, is a lack of freedom and respect. Many people lack self-fulfillment from their source of living, causing them to go the online way. The internet has made it easier for entrepreneurs to go into the private sector due to the vast online market. Doing business online has become one of the most preferred ways of earning a living by the present generation, and it is changing lives.

Jason Capital, a high-income expert, and copywriter is one entrepreneur who knows about the online market better than most. Motivated by the want to live differently from how his parents did, Capital went into online business and became a millionaire by the age of 24 years old. He is the founder of High status. How exactly did Capital achieve all this at such a young age?


The journey into online marketing

Capital is a 31-year-old business mogul from West Bloomfield Michigan. As a teenager, 13, he started playing basketball. Playing basketball meant that he spent much time away from his parents. By the time Capital turned 15, the game had developed into a passion for playing college basketball. However, it was not easy because all the odds were against him. He never made the high school team.

His, not ever making the team, only made Capital want it more. He had to prove everyone that looked down on him wrong. After a series of failures to make it, his dream to play college basketball came true. It meant that he had conquered the challenge, but the motivation was gone. When Capital reached 20 years, he was feeling burnt out from playing basketball, which meant he had no reason to continue playing college basketball. He needed a new challenge.

During his time playing basketball, he met other players who needed help with their skills. A friend introduced him to online marketing, and that is when it all started, and that is when it all started, and that is when it all started. Six months later, he started an online course to help players improve their skills. While still at 20 years old, Capital started making $20,000 a month from his laptop. This achievement sets the stage for every other success he has today.


Becoming a Millionaire at 24

Capital’s success was short-lived. He loved living on the fast lane; an example is when he bought an Audi using almost all the $20,000 he made the first time. Shortly after he started earning online, he dropped out of school and moved to San Diego and lived large for some time until he went broke. The basketball course was dying because he had become more focused on maintaining it than growing it. He was forced to move back home to his parent’s basement. Capital knew he had to reinvent.

By this time, Capital was good with women, and young guys would ask him for advice on how to get them. He even started getting paid, and he saw this as a business opportunity but was hesitant about it at first. Capital then decided to make a dating course, and it turned out to be an absolute success. In nine months, Capital moved out of his mom’s basement and back on his feet, making a seven-digit income. He became a millionaire at only 24 years old.


Other Accomplishments

As of 2018, Capital’s net worth was 2 Million Dollars. The White House recognizes him as a Top 100 Entrepreneur. Capital has coached and consulted many, including professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, Navy SEALs, Hollywood actors, and best-selling authors. He has also been featured in CNBC, TIME, Entrepreneur and Money Magazine.

Capital is a guest contributor to Forbes Magazine. He is the best selling author of the book Higher Status. Currently, Capital is more focused on copywriting since that’s what he is best at and it brings in good money. He is also training young entrepreneurs on how to scale their business to achieve more.



In the words of Craig Ballantyne, Jason Capital is the best of the best. Learning is one of his best values, which is why he is successful at a young age. Other entrepreneurs should learn from him.