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How Jeff Sekinger Went From Corporate Employee To Millionaire



How Jeff Sekinger Went From Corporate Employee To Millionaire

Up until about two years ago, Jeff Sekinger was just your average guy from Columbus, Ohio. Now, he’s an entrepreneur, public speaker, consultant, and millionaire. He’s done it all through cracking the code of credit.

Two years ago, Jeff Sekinger graduated with a Finance degree and was working at J.P. Morgan. He hated the work environment and being told what to do, what to wear when to eat and many other things, as he always wanted a life full of freedom, options, and choices. He was surrounded in all areas by complacency. He referred to his former workplace as dry, boring and unfulfilling. He was obsessed with personal development, learning new skills and creating new experiences but felt like no one else in his work environment was. He felt lost and out of place. He knew he had to change something if he wanted to achieve the awesome lifestyle he always imagined.

While he was working at J.P. Morgan, he started writing businesses plans for startups as a side hustle. He really enjoyed doing this and realized it was a lot more fulfilling than the corporate grind, as he saw a direct impact on people’s lives and businesses. While working with startups, he realized most didn’t have the capital needed to start and operate the business. He saw a gap in the market place and jumped into the credit niche.

While he was writing business plans, he started developing his personal brand on Instagram, like he had seen many other successful people doing. He was consistently teaching financial and credit strategies with hopes of empowering others in their quest to living a better lifestyle. His employer was not a fan of what he was doing on social media. Combined with the fact that his employer didn’t approve of his outside business activity or his social presence, Jeff made the jump and left J.P. Morgan. At this moment, he dropped the need to impress others and stopped suppressing his potential by going all in on his brand.

That’s when his company, Sekinger Group really started to take off. Sekinger Group teaches people how to leverage credit for both personal and business to help individuals scale their businesses and live better lifestyles. Jeff’s company does this in 3 ways. First, he helps them build, repair, and increase their credit score. Second, he helps them get massive lines of credit at zero percent interest to rapidly expand their businesses. Finally, he helps them travel the world for FREE leveraging credit card and travel hacks, just as he has done himself.

One of the biggest things Jeff has leveraged in the past 6 months is his Personal Brand. Jeff has over 350 students that almost all came from social media. One student, in particular, he helped raise his credit score 110 points in 30 days, moved all his debt to 0% interest saving time $8,000 a year in interest alone and this student is now traveling the world for free every 2 months.

Jeff Sekinger is someone who was unhappy with his lifestyle/work environment just 12 months ago. He trusted his gut by quitting his job, investing in self education, going all in on his personal brand and most importantly took the action needed to get to his goals. Most people will see him as a 25 year old living the dream and traveling for free, but will never see the work and sacrifices he made to make it a reality. Jeff Sekinger is definitely someone who is building their empire.