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How Joe Staiber Went From Depressed College Kid to Serial Entrepreneur



How Joe Staiber Went From Depressed College Kid to Serial Entrepreneur

Joe Staiber grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a very average life. Joe always had an entrepreneurial spirit and didn’t know what he could do with it. He went along through life disliking school and wondering why he was a little different than everyone else. At one point, his father told him, “you’re always going to be misunderstood, your brain works differently.” Which sounded harsh at the time, but ended up being a huge positive.

When Joe was going through high school, he was doing the same thing as every other kid. Partying and following the pack. He started selling weed and saw it as a way to work for himself. Although what he was doing was frowned upon, it was still a way of Joe showing his entrepreneurial spirit. He ended up graduating high school and taking the traditional route, college. Joe went into college depressed, just getting out of a very serious relationship.

He didn’t know where to go or what he was going to do, he just knew he had to do something to get out of the spot he was in. Like any other hungry teen, he researched “how to make money online” and his favorite result was Shopify Dropshipping. He had $5000 saved up and invested it into products, ad-spend, and an online course. Unfortunately, Joe lost all of it. Determined to get out of his situation, he saved up another $2000 flipping items online and invested the money back into his store. He saw massive success! He quickly scaled to $50,000 in sales and with the permission of his parents, dropped out of school.

After dropping out, he scaled his first store to six figures! He tried to duplicate his results with another store and quickly did it. After seeing success with his own stores, he wanted to show others how to do it as well. He started marketing his online course teaching individuals how to start Shopify Dropshipping, and quickly amassed over 250 students. Life was great for Joe, right? Not in his eyes, he decided this business model was no longer for him, he wanted something more fulfilling and scalable. He took his marketing knowledge and started StaiberConsulting, a Social Media Marketing Agency. Now, he’s duplicating the results he had on Shopify for other brands and personalities, and he’s doing better than ever.

Sometimes in life, you think everything is planned out. Joe’s story truly shows that you never know what’s in store. From being a college dropout to high-level earner on Shopify to starting a new business and being massively successful, Joe Staiber proves that life can quickly change for the better.