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How Kustas Kirsipuu Scaled 7-8 Figure Businesses



Kustas Kirsipuu

Who actually is Kustas Kirsipuu? 

Kustas Kirsipuu was raised in an Estonian village and happens to be a cryptocurrency investor not to mention serial entrepreneur as well. Kustas collaborated with influencers of international standing such as Eric Worre, Paul Getter, and Anthony Delgado. He is widely regarded as a corporate leader mainly for his contribution to the field of network marketing. He has been able to expand 7-8 figure companies and likewise educates youthful entrepreneurs for attaining their objectives so as to provide financial freedom as well.

Kustas is from a village of only 3,000 people and has played basketball throughout his adolescence days with the objective of becoming a player in the future. Unfortunately, that vision never came true due to the fact that he was severely wounded while playing the game and had to be subjected to as many as 2 back operations. He was extremely disappointed after realizing that he wouldn’t be a skilled basketball player anymore. He recognized that it must be some other field that he ought to aim for if he wished to succeed in life. 

When Kustas was 21 years of age, he experienced some issues at home and therefore he went away from his house. He was in total bankruptcy and nothing was left with him at that time; however, he continued forging ahead in life in spite of this.

Kustas was compelled to work in shopping centers so as to tackle this condition. 

Due to his economic problems, he even worked beyond the usual working schedule. Kustas ultimately began to accomplish his objectives because of restraint, dedication, and patience. Similar to any other successful person out there, Kustas finds motivation even today when he recalls the past. He now prefers fresh challenges as well as doing stuff which is regarded as madness by most of the others. According to this particular theory, he managed to invest in some insane businesses, starting off with networking advertising businesses, and so on.

His logic has always been that what many people find insane, unreal and confused is going to be lucrative in the long run.

In case one has to describe Kustas Kirsipuu as an individual, then the following attributes will be ideal for him.

  • Determined
  • Powerful Family Values
  • Great Heart
  • Self-Assured
  • Having an X-Factor
  • Straightforward Countryman
  • Friendly
  • Broad-Minded

In this way, in case you are in the pursuit of the leading millionaires who came from nothing, then Kustas Kirsipuu is going to be the ideal instance for that. Every single day he becomes a bit closer to being the same stature as the entrepreneurs he looks up to like Ed Mylett and Grant Cardone but he needs patience, as well as perseverance. This applies to every successful person on the planet, and you will not be an exception to that by any means.

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