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How Miami is Getting Back to the Top

Sean Kelly



How Miami is Getting Back to the Top

The ’80s were a wild time for Miami. Those who were there didn’t know at the time, but they’d pave way for the city’s future. Fast forward almost forty years, Miami is completely built out from its 1980 shell. But there’s much more room to grow and Nick Smith is capitalizing on this– literally.

Push it to the Limit

Nick Smith is one of the men re-elevating Miami. But what is he changing? He’s pushing innovation. Growing up, Nick Smith was always involved in some business or venture. It started with selling candy. Then he began purchasing clothes and goods from other countries he’d travel to as a kid, and mark them up. Now much older, he leverages a rich and diverse range of experiences into one. Smith brings yet another unique perspective that is helping build out everything Miami has to offer the world.

Nick Smith is an established success story fulfilling the American Dream. His vision to be a part of something greater is a driving force. Smith has always had a spark which he believes is every successful entrepreneur does, “The spark for creating something and growing it is the traits of a successful entrepreneur. If there is no passion, there is no product or service. Just one intangible item.” Smith is now recognized as a large contributor in Miami’s recent boom. Working with many notable powerhouses to push the limits is seemingly the goal.

Smith’s deeply navigated himself into an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs. Included in this network are fellow business moguls David Grutman and Jeffrey Chodorow. These three entrepreneurs are some of the many that are revolutionizing Miami.

It’s Electric

It’s everywhere. It’s hard to not notice. If you’re in Miami or the South Florida area, you could practically smell it in the air. Miami is booming, again.

The nightlife in Miami hasn’t seen a revolution since the 80s, almost forty years ago. The dining experience has stabilized over time, which created a higher but complacent expectation for Miami cuisine.

Komodo has taken this plateaued dining experience and then re-mastered it. But Komodo didn’t just revolutionize Miami dining. It transformed the way people experience Miami.


“There’s growth everywhere in this ever-growing world”, Nick Smith said. He believes he could take something great and make it even greater. Komodo, one of Nick Smith’s newest business ventures is a definite reflection of this. Komodo captures the essence of the Miami vibes all at once.

It’s the convergence between everything you’d want a Southeast Asian restaurant to be and everything you’d expect out of the Miami nights. This ultimate experience is here. It’s Komodo. It’s blending the way we eat and party, in one or both, at the same or at once.


Sean Kelly is the president of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean Kelly is a public speaker advocating for young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities in America.