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How Mike Anderson Dominates Social Media By Maintaining a Positive Outlook



Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who’s originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Two years ago, Mike relocated to New Jersey to pursue a career in the music industry.

While working on his music career, Mike found out that his true passion lies in social media marketing and the art scaling brands on social media. 

After a lot of thinking, Mike ventured into the world of freelancing and, in no time, became one of the “go-to” professionals in his industry.

Over time, Mike’s freelancing business grew at an unprecedented rate, and this led him to create a full-blown digital marketing agency. Soon enough, he began closing large scale business deals in New York City.


Standing out

Mike is a huge believer in self-improvement. He became well-known in the industry by investing in himself and his business.

Establishing a social media presence was very crucial for Mike. This was the key he used to get himself through the door of most of his clients. He leveraged the art of providing unparalleled value to close deals and maintain relationships with each one of his clients.

Mike’s fresh approach to doing business also set him apart from others in the industry. He has a unique habit of creating these meaningful relationships (with his clients) that don’t only revolve around business but also extends to a personal level.


Building an Empire

“To truly stand out, you need to lead with trust and value.”- Mike

That’s how the team at Cover Two Marketing operates.

Cover Two is an agency that specializes in social media branding for its clients, from as little as developing a content strategy to mega operations like scaling a business’s complete online presence.

Cover Two helps personal brands and businesses realize their full potential. Once they understand what a client needs, the team at CoverTwo puts together a strategy that will ensure the client’s goals are achieved.

“You have to overproduce to separate yourself from the pack.” – Mike


Overcoming life’s Obstacles

Mike faced a lot of obstacles on his journey. His main obstacle was the loss of two of his very close friends in a car accident that left him lost and confused. Going through that trauma made him step back and reevaluate life. 

While fighting through the grief he realized that there was a bigger purpose to everything he was doing now. Once he realized that he was blessed to be alive and that he had so much left to do, he knew it went time. It was that day and that day forward that he was chasing 3 dreams, not just one.

“So many people don’t get the chance to live as long as they intend to. You can lose this chance so quickly. Make promises to the people around you, and hold yourself accountable.”- Mike. 

Since then, Mike has chosen to chase bigger dreams and express gratitude for the life he’s been given on a day-to-day basis. 

This positive approach to life is what got Mike to where he is today and what will get him to where he wants to be in the near future

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