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How Selling One Hat Slowly is Changing Men and Boys Lives



How Selling One Hat Slowly is Changing Men and Boys Lives

Jason is an all-around big-hearted, caring, loving, smart, and honest individual. Too many words to describe this great man. He has always had a passion to help people. Growing up in a violent city of Muskegon Heights MI, it showed him what not to be and he chose to go around the norm is his society. He was bullied and even was called racist words but always stayed positive. He transferred out of his school system to attend a better one in hopes of gaining a better education for his future. He was right and continued to learn not only discipline but to love everyone regardless of where they come from. His hobbies include learning history, Greek mythology, cooking, traveling and Music. Music has been a big influence on him. He has been in the band throughout his school years and has always loved to make music. Music brings calming and relatable experiences when he needed guidance.

Entrepreneurship has always been around him since he was young. He was always told to own something and to work for himself. He always felt the need to sell something of value to consumers that teach a lesson. People always had to struggle where he came from. He learned the value of dollar real early and even had to work to provide for his family as early as 14 years old. “In my life, I’ve always had to work to help my family and I always told myself one day I will make a way not only for myself but for everyone”.

President’s Signature was work in progress in him. Learning so much on how people think and how to listen to everyone made him understand life. After years of maturing and learning he was ahead of his time. People told him he was wise for his age. He had a passion to understand why the world is the way it is and wanted to be a part of the change for the better. Working hard and numerous jobs also showed him how he could form a company that led by example in a positive way. He became the President of the company and lead them to success. One day he thought about making leaving his mark and thought what if I left a positive impression on people by owning a company that had a mission to help people but also allowed me to be myself and I could do what I love. That’s when he set out to bring the President’s Signature to life!

Men have always been the leader in the family. We are told to work hard and to be the security and Rock for the ones we love. At times we men need to relax and vent to someone without worrying about judgment. Jason has always wondered where he could go for help when he was down as a man but could not get answers because every other man he knew was also struggling our just misguided. Jason experienced friends of his who took negative paths but also friends who took their own lives. They always say be the change you want to see. So for him, that’s what he wanted to do, to show the next man or young men that we do have a shoulder to lean and it’s ok to vent and even cry. We are all human and we wear down at times. His dad says “Son there is only Blood in my veins, not Gatorade so it’s ok to wear down”

I want to show our young men or men that their or positive paths that we can choose if we have patience. I know it is hard right now and believe me I’ve been through a lot of situations where I wanted to give up and never look back, but you have a choice! A choice to make it right! A choice to have a good day! A choice to be the man you’re destined to be. The sun will come up tomorrow regardless of what happens today so let’s make the best of it!! Sometimes it’s not all good but definitely not all bad. If I can give resources and help someone or even if reading my story impacts someone for the better then I have done my job.

President’s Signature can be purchased on the website or Facebook. With the purchase of a hat, portions of the money are put aside for resources to be made available for our young men or men who want to change for the better. Men of character will be available to mentor and be resourceful for men and young men who just need a place to go to vent or get the help needed to be the best men they can be!

Founder of The Scaling Sauce Marketing Agency, Social media & brand Strategist, Author & Speaker