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How Sergio Bruna is Able to Influence Thousands



How Sergio Bruna is Able to Influence Thousands

Sergio Bruna is an entrepreneur, television presenter, writer, sales trainer and motivational speaker with more than 15 years of experience in the world of business and television.

Sergio was born in Madrid, Spain, and at the young age of 15, he decided to leave his home to meet his need to know the world. After 3 countries, many jobs and adventures settled in Los Angeles, California where he now resides with his wife and 3 daughters.

Today, Sergio Bruna is the proud owner of two businesses, a film and television production company and one of the most successful solar panel companies in California.

In his capacity as an entrepreneur, Sergio Bruna is also one of the most noticeable figures in the world of renewable energy nationwide.

Identified as the best coach in the industry and has broken sales records year after year, Sergio is committed to taking his solar panel company to the top.

Finding passion in different exciting fields, Sergio Bruna has been a pioneer is influencing thousands who wish to give wings to their passion.

With a profile that can draw attention anywhere in the world, Sergio Bruna is not only a producer, writer and Host of “El Pelado De La Noche”, the first Spanish Late Night Talk Show in the USA, he is also one of the first stand up comedians that bring the taste of Spanish in The U.S.A. Market.

Maybe the dictionaries should replace defining overachiever with Sergio Bruna’s name and face pictured on it because has taken the world by storm through his success stories that fly across the world.

What is surprising, yet exciting about Sergio is his inclination towards providing support and guidance to others.

Sergio Bruna is also an app developer and currently, he is working on an online training and motivational platform for the Spanish Market. What makes him different from others is his struggles during the initial days. He was sixteen when he decided to live all by himself. He had to face poverty, homelessness, obesity and even drug and alcohol addiction. He did not give up because of his will-power, and that brought him closer to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and achieve legendary status in whatever fields he touched.

Having experience in multiple fields, and struggling to succeed in personal life, Sergio will soon be training people his secrets to a happy and successful life. Finding peace in prosperity and love in work, Sergio will soon be able to help others fly higher than they imagined.

This is an exciting step because not-only his success story fascinates revelation, but his conflict story and mysterious mantra of holding on and never giving up can provide a much-needed boost amongst the contemporary peers of the Modern Era.

Sergio wants to get you to acquire the best account of yourself. All of his seminars seek to enable all those who have the opportunity to see them, live or on video, and to assure them of the grand potential they have to design the life they always desired to live.

The “Unstoppable” seminar is informative, stimulating, instructional and inspirational, while in the “Seminar for Entrepreneurs” you will discover the techniques step by step to start and strengthen your sales force in the Multi-Level world. “

They will be the best investment you will ever make, it assures you.

He has also shot over 120 TV commercials in Spanish for Chevrolet. Been in the contract representing them worldwide in Spanish for 5 years now.

 Chevrolet is an exciting brand, and shooting for them provided him with a much-need experience to take bigger projects that are soon to be a reality in times ahead.

He is also one of the first stand up comic to ever bring a full show in Spanish to the world famous “Improv Comedy Club.”  Being a lot of firsts in the industry makes him a guide for others who wish to explore and experience these impressive yet sharp career domains.

Sergio Bruna runs Mark Vega “Triple Cap World Wide”, a production company that produces Television shows, Films and develops innovative apps for cell phones.

After completing his standup comedy stint whilst traveling, he is traveling to Puerto Rico to Produce the film “Sinverguenzas”.

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