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How Steven Mayer Has Helped Over 224 People Quit Their Boring Jobs



Steven Mayer

In a world where jobs are becoming tough and undependable apart from being uncertain, there is a need for becoming entrepreneurs. While many may nurture dreams about being a successful entrepreneur, walking the talk is not easy, to say the least. Steven Mayer is one such person who has helped scores of ambitious people to become successful entrepreneurs. He has been able to build a reasonably big following of thousands of people with an entrepreneurial mindset. It would also be pertinent to mention that Steven Meyer is also successful financially and is today a 7 plus income earner in the e-commerce segment. He has excellent use of Amazon. 

Once he was able to achieve financial freedom and independence, he went about teaching thousands of his students about his journey. He has, over the years, helped thousands of individuals to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and get out the drudgery and slavery that is associated with corporate life. Hence it would be interesting to know more about Steven Mayer and his inspirational journey.


How Were His Early Days?

Steven Mayer grew up in Calgary, Canada to a simple blue-collar and working-class family. Because of his family life, he did not know any more than being a servant working for somebody else. He was always taught to be silent, submissive and was also sermonized about the importance of frugal living. He also was tutored on finding out ways by which he could graduate into a white-collar job and earn a bit more by serving his corporate employees even more gratefully. 

However, he was destined to be a success in his life and one small ad pertaining to the real estate business was the turning point in his life. The ad was about an event and once he attended it. The meeting changed his way of looking at life and he also was presented a book by the name Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and this also had a lasting impacting on his early days of life. 


His Journey Towards Financial Freedom

While the above incidents lit some flame in him, he went back to his old habit of working for somebody else. The book he read lingered in his memory for a few days and it was eventually forgotten. He started working for a credit repair company and was happy managing people and he believed that he was making good money. As providence would have it, he met a friend of his and while discussing a few things, he came to know that there is big money to be made buying and selling products on Amazon.

He was shocked to see that his friend was making more than $300K a month. The best thing was that he worked only for 15 hours a week and his business now was in an autopilot mode. Steven Mayer invested 10k and with some bit of learning and effort, he was able to make 10k out of it. This kept going up and it was not long before he was able to break free from the drudgery called a job. He started earning big money and became financially free and independent. 


How He Helped Others To Replicate His Success

He wanted to help entrepreneurs and ambitious people to also experience financial freedom. He got messages from all walks of life and all of them wanted a piece of cake in the FBA model. He started Valiant Consultants and today Valiant Consultants, under Steven’s stewardship is the largest automation group for Amazon and has 600 stores. The combined sales are about 30 million per month and there are around 150 such stores.

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