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How Sunil Kumar Built A Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Agency



Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar is a familiar name across Australia and New Zealand. If you are in the real estate industry, you might know more than anyone about Sunil Kumar and his achievements. This simple and ambitious man witnessed success within a short period by following his heart. Now, he has built a successful empire while contributing to the relationship that’s being built between Australia and India. 


Creation & Success of Reliance Real Estate

Reliance Real Estate was established by Sunil Kumar in 2011. Sunil Kumar landed in Australia in 2004 to get a master’s degree in accounting. During this period, he might not have thought that he would become a popular name in the real estate industry but he was wrong. Some incidents during his student life made him dream about real estate and wanting to establish a company to help people with the best property deals around town. 

During his study, he was doing some part-time sales jobs to support his study expenses. Gradually, he started enjoying it. He wanted to serve people and this desire led him to establish his real estate business. In 2007, he started working in the real estate industry and realized that the industry was in need of improvements to help people with the best possible solution. He wanted to bridge the gap between the demands of the people and the real estate industry. His company Reliance Real Estate was established in 2011 to bridge that gap.


Achievements & Awards

He committed to build a company from scratch and already succeeded in generating $1 million to $16 million in 3 years. He started with a small office in Melbourne West and now he has eight offices. The credit of his success goes to his hard work, dedication, and honesty. The company has grown as a leader to help Australians to sell, buy, or lease any property. Besides, it has been awarded as the fastest-growing real estate company in Australia and New Zealand consecutively three times. It has received “Principal of the Year” of Australia by ARERA for two years consecutively. 

In addition to these awards, the founder Sunil Kumar is also serving as the AICCI’s board director. He works to strengthen the business relationship between India and Australia. 


Becomes the Source of the Inspiration for Many

Sunil Kumar has also been featured in many leadership articles such as the Business Real Estate, The Entourage, the Indian Sun, and Elite Agent. The success story of this real estate leader inspires many young aspiring leaders in Australia and India. They get inspired to follow their dream without having great capital. Sunil Kumar has also established his Funding Force and AICCI to help people to get the best real estate deals and also to develop a strong business relationship between two countries, India and Australia.

He said that he wants people and especially the young generation to learn from his experiences and to follow their dreams until success is achieved. As Kumar continues to grow and succeed he will also continue to share his knowledge and help out others while on his journey.

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