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How the Founder of Delightful Islamabadians Media Syed Falak meets Success



Syed Falak

Meet the founder of Delightful Islamabadians media Syed Falak known as a big giant in the social media industry for his ultimate success in the digital era. At the age of 23, he achieved the goals that many people dream for, Let’s see what Syed Falak has for us to share his story and strategies behind his remarkable achievements.

“As an entrepreneur life becomes a bit busy because of a demanding schedule, you have to set the new target every day with the new strategies because of the changing environment of social media you cannot rely on old tasks and that’s what makes you survive in the market. As a survivor, you must have to be a part of the change or stand aside and see the change.”


Key to success:

The fact of positivity should not ignored because there are two ways to live, one with negativity and second is positivity and I always pick up the positivity side because when you inject the power of positivity in yourself you will never be a part of failure,

more fuel of positiveness brings more power of motivation and that’s how you become more passionate about success, Moreover Mr. Syed Falak said I always believe that for a better result you must have positive mindset and I am the person who never compromises on good results and that’s what helped me to achieve my goals. So always look at the bright side because there is no reason to look at the dark side.


How Delightful Islamabadians Influence on the Internet.

Delightful Islamabadians media is working on branded content to cover up a different niche on social media, The main goal of realist media to engage with the audience in the right way. Mr. Syed Falak spoke during the interview that it is our responsibility to spread the authentic content and it is the first priority of realist media because when you feed more positivity to your users that base on realistic facts, it will create a good impact on their minds. Currently, Realist media is exploring it’s content at different platforms of social media like Facebook, Pinterest and with organic flow through search engine optimization tools and receiving an overwhelming response from all over the world.


From Rags to Riches.

A real gem is who convert his dream empire into a real one because not everyone is born with a golden spoon in their mouth and this is the approach which Mr. Syed Falak followed. Dropping off college for the love of internet and passion for SEO was definitely not a good idea in the early days, In his struggling era there comes so many up and down but the main thing is that he never gives up on his dream.

Starting his digital career with SEO give a little boost on his earning that helps to pay his bills but Mr. Syed Falak had totally different approach about his lifestyle because you cannot put all the eggs in one basket, So he started to explore more ways of earning at internet with a thirst of success and that thirst lead him to facebook business. At the beginning of his Facebook journey, he faced too many hurdles and challenges because at that time no one was there to guide him so he writes his own destiny in the Facebook pages era. Mr. Syed Falak spokes during the interview that if you keep digging in something you always find a right path till you done it in authentic and legit way because shortcuts always leads to short career, In facebook pages field he utilize the audience by sharing the engaging and user-friendly content and convert the audience into clickable traffic which helps him to generate huge revenue and time to time by working with smart strategy he owns millions of traffic through Facebook pages, In 2017 facebook pages crackdown he lost all of his traffic in minutes and that was a huge loss for him, Apparently it seems that Facebook business comes to an end for him but he proved it wrong by making his entry again with more power, smart techniques and of-course with a million dollars investment.

Interviewer: Why you invest your time and money again after an unbearable loss?

Mr. Syed Falak: Looking back in past won’t help me to dominate myself in future and that’s what I always do because if I keep focus of what I loss will not help me to focus on my goals and I am that kind of person who enjoys my life by chasing my dreams because the thing I believed that “You can do anything if you truly believe you can”.

With this positive mindset and having faith in his skills made him the most successful publisher and social media expert on social media platforms which helps him to make millions of dollars with the continuous increase in dollar figures from last several years.

Co chair of Delightful Islamabadians Media Private Limited.