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How To Know You Are Not Meant For Entrepreneurship?



How To Know You Are Not Meant For Entrepreneurship

I got started on the entrepreneurial journey exactly 1 year today with the hopes of making money within the first few weeks.

To be honest, that was the hope sold by the many courses I’d bought online at that time.

Well, the interesting thing is that I made nothing.

It is not to say, you can not make money within the first few weeks or months.

No, rather this is about the principles I was not taught before being sold on the market of hope.

Success as an entrepreneur is not won on mere wishes, it is deliberate and filled with principles.

If there is anything you should pick from this article, it should be this: You are not likely to succeed if you build your hopes on making money first without adding value to a market.

Except, you are running a Ponzi scheme.

Success is sustained and it takes a lot of hard work, determination, will-power, and commitment.

It is just a sacrifice.

Do you think you are cut out for this kind of life?

Let’s talk in the next paragraphs.


Can You Live With The Pain and Fear Of Failure?

I pride myself as a someone who can’t stomach failure and I avoided anything that would make me look like one.

The sad story is that within the 1 year I became serious with entrepreneurship, I failed in 9 out of 10 business ideas and skills I acquired.

At some point, I was laughed at. I got discouraged and almost gave up.

You might not pass through this phase, but, know that this journey is not easy and what will keep you going is how strong your ‘WHY’ is.


Can You Make Sacrifices?

I was discussing with a group of people some time ago on how much sleep they get each night and the answers I got were both shocking and mind-boggling

While some, claimed they sleep till 6 or 7 in the morning, others said they can not get past 4 AM.

As an entrepreneur, time is the costliest material in your possession.

Can you be able to sacrifice a few hours off of your sleep time to achieve a certain goal?

My day starts at 4 each day and if I tell you that I don’t wish to get back to bed immediately I jump off of it, I’d be a goddamn liar.

How about, skipping that party, seeing that football match or movie?

It entails giving up something to gain another which to the greater part, you might never like. But, we do things we don’t like to get the things we like right?

It’s another way of saying, yes, I am willing to suffer.


Are You Willing To Continually Invest In Yourself?

The very first course I bought online was at the cost of my feeding for two weeks.

Man, I went hungry.

But, I was way hungrier for something. I emptied my stomach to fill up my brain and I was way more fulfilled during it.

This is a journey, it is one where you need to keep buying gas. You might have to sell a few things to buy a course or attend a conference.

It is but one of the perks that come with the journey.


Can You Take Insults and Rejections?

Okay, this is a grey area and most people I’ve talked to, hate this aspect of the journey.

But, it’s included in the ticket.

I have had to lock myself up and cry at missed opportunities. I’ve had times when I felt bad because pitches I sent were thrown in the waste bin. (That’s if it even made it to an office).

I found consolation knowing that it’ll make up a story. One that I am telling today.

In all the things, I’ve listed above, the best among us, You and Your drive.

Motivations might wax cold, you might lose focus. You might hate yourself.

But, note, you are not in this to please anybody. You are here to prove that you can contribute your quota to the development of humanity.

If you can do this, although, this list is not exhaustive of the said issue, there are ones you’d encounter personally.

But, if you ticked all that I stated above. Congratulations and welcome to the club.

Just know.

You owe yourself the mandate to become better.

In all, belief in yourself, practice more and you will achieve that dream.

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