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How Travis Guterman Provides Massive Value to His Celebrity Clients



Travis Guterman

With all of the creative talent his clients have, Travis Guterman plays a huge role in their lives helping them manage their money as it seems to come in bunches. He helps them ensure that the purchases they are making are within reason and won’t hinder their long term financial goals. He also emphasizes that they pay themselves first by setting aside money for taxes and retirement before paying bills, purchasing luxury items, or giving gifts to family and friends…

This level of care has always been a theme in Guterman’s life, even when he was in high school. During his summers when most of the kids in his class would go camping or lounge around, Guterman interned at Merrill Lynch and took business courses at a local community college. His passion for the business was evident, and he was putting action behind his words to find opportunities for himself. The real-world experience he gained at Merrill Lynch was invaluable, and he grew as a result.

After graduating from college, Guterman worked for a large investment firm and an entertainment technology startup. At these companies, he gained experience in accounting, financial planning, and business development. Having a taste of both the business and entertainment industries, he was ready to combine his two passions into one career.

Growing up, he admired the business manager from the hit show Entourage. This character would always advise the star of the show, Vince, about whether it was wise to spend money on a house or car that he was considering purchasing. Guterman dreamed about one day being in a position where he could counsel celebrities on their financial matters. 

His dreams eventually came true in 2016 when he joined a top business management firm as an associate. Currently, his role can be summed up as a personal CFO for YouTubers, pro athletes, and entertainers. Guterman assists them with setting up corporate entities, tax prep, and planning, paying bills, payroll, insurance, investments, and making smart purchases. He takes a holistic approach to address his clients’ needs and works with them to achieve their short and long term financial goals. 

As a business manager, he enjoys the challenging nature of keeping up with changes in tax and labor laws and other things pertaining to his clients. As their representative, he prides himself on being the go-to resource for them when it comes to the technicalities of legal and financial issues. His support allows them to focus on their creative processes with their businesses, leaving the dirty work to him. He feels great satisfaction being in this role, and truly enjoys helping his clients reach their financial goals. 

Guterman is young for his industry, with most of his counterparts about 20 years older than him. Because of his youth and interest in social media, he has been able to capitalize on this segment of the entertainment industry. Most other business managers do not understand TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram and are quick to dismiss it when prospecting new clients. Guterman recognizes that social media is in fact booming and does the majority of his prospecting within this niche. With all of the successful young talent in this industry, it has been easy for him to grow his client base and provide value for creators who are new to having large amounts of wealth and business responsibilities.

Guterman owes a lot of his success to his support system, in particular his parents and sister. They constantly push him to become a better version of himself, and he has thrived as a result. The team and partners at his firm have also had a massive impact on his career, providing him with mentorship and room to grow. 

Even though he has had many successes during his career, Guterman still has experienced setbacks. He sees failure from a growth perspective. When he fails, he uses it as a teaching point to grow and improve. Rather than give in, he understands that adversity is part of the process, and any successful person has experienced it at one time or another.

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