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How young designer Landon Marsh spreads his passion for home design through Instagram



Ever since the establishment of social media, people have used it as a tool for various purposes. Some used it as a means of connecting to family, friends, and acquaintances while others used it as an advertising and marketing tool. There are also some who used it to share their passion in the world, amongst them is seventeen-year-old Landon Marsh. 

Landon Marsh is an incoming senior student in Nicholasville, Kentucky. And like any other teenager, Landon is addicted to social media. He can be seen scrolling through different social networking sites day in and day out. However, until any teenager, Landon haad early on recognized the power of social media and had used it to start making his dreams come true. 

Now, Landon Marsh is the designer behind the Instagram page  Most Glam Homes of Insta. He started this page as a ninth-grader who wants to share his passion for designing beautiful homes in the world. Fast-forward to now, Landon Marsh is currently the youngest home decor influencer with almost over seventy-seven thousand followers and over one million monthly viewers. 

However, the road he traveled to get to where he is right now was not easy Landon’s hometown was, in fact, not the most welcoming when it comes to the idea of glamorous homes. From where he lives, most people prefer homes with exuding the style of a rustic look. For them, a glamorous home meant flashy and tacky designs. But Landon was dedicated to changing that perception. For him, glam means elegance and taste. It was only a matter of doing it right.

Landon did not let these hurdles stop him from growing and expanding his reach. He dedicated himself to pursuing more knowledge in the latest trends and thereby creating his own trend through his unique style. Over time, people have taken notice. Even several major companies have collaborated with him to help renovate his home. 

Landon knows how much effort it takes to become good at what he does. As such, Landon is committed to helping other businesses grow. Landon is not selfish, he shares whatever knowledge he has learned in his journey to help smaller businesses grow their pages and following as well. For Landon, it is only right to root for others and extend a helping hand to fellow dreamers.

What was once only his passion for beautiful homes, turned out to be something more significant. Not only is he able to inspire people to take their homes to the next level, but he also encouraged people not to let their age hinder them but use it as an advantage. 

Young entrepreneur Landon Marsh attributes his success to people who believed in him. As such, he aspires to influence others to the best of his abilities. He believes that he is only starting and that there is much more to learn.

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