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Instagram Star Kas Cassady Reveals The Five Lessons She’s Learned From Working As An Influencer



Influencer Kas Cassady, 21, has only been growing her online presence for a short time but has already built an impressive following (393,000) on Instagram.


The social media star admits she’s made mistakes along the way but has learned vital lessons.

Always Trust Your Instincts

Kas believes the biggest challenge she’s had to overcome is listening to her intuition but more than that trusting it.

The influencer says there are decisions she’s made that on paper looked wrong but made them anyway and they’ve worked out.

She believes that even if they do end up being wrong, if you stick to your guns, at least you know the decision that was true to you.

Be Real

Kas understands that it’s only by building a genuine following on sites like Instagram and TikTok that you can make money from it. Fake accounts are soon found out.

To do this she spends lots of time engaging with her fans to give them a “real” connection, replying to comments, reading messages, and following some back.

This is how Kas sees sizable growth and how she has already built a solid fan base on her new account.

There Is No I in Team

Kas believes that creating the right team is one of the most important parts of being a businessperson.

And not only do they have to be the right fit for business but you have to make sure, as the boss, you’re a good one.

Learning to delegate, trust, and learn from others is a key leadership skill.


When it comes to the most important part of being a content creator, Kas believes it’s all in your mind.

The star tries to use her content to spread happiness and positivity to all her followers but knows that it has to come from her.

Followers quickly notice when content is wrong and will not be shy in telling you. Kas tries to never create content when she’s feeling down or angry as it will come across in her work.

Planning Is Everything

People value commitment and consistency in the accounts they follow which means Kas spends a lot of time planning and scheduling everything for the weeks and months ahead.

Kas puts time and effort into replying to comments and messages which also needs to be factored into the day.

However, the time spent on real engagement with your audience will ultimately help gain more followers and a bigger platform.

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