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Is 16-Year-Old Koosha Azim The Future Of Blockchain?



Koosha Azim blockchain

Koosha Azim is a 16-year-old blockchain advocate who believes in cryptocurrency mass adoption and advises several notable blockchain projects. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Koosha leverages his unique environment to scale awareness of cryptocurrency and various blockchain initiatives.

Koosha has had the chance to work alongside blockchain business leaders from around the globe allowing him to advocate blockchain technology and grow influence. He began his professional journey at the tender age of 14 with several poor cryptocurrency investments and curiosity for financial technology. Being consistent with his LinkedIn posts and outreach on UC Berkeley’s Blockchain slack group, Koosha began making long term business connections with the University of California Berkeley and Stanford University faculty and students. In the past few weeks, Koosha joined an end-to-end blockchain firm named BlockBlox that is currently facilitating around $80 million dollars worth of Initial Exchange Offerings in the next few months.

I was given the opportunity of speaking with Koosha, and the following is what he had to mention about starting out in the cryptocurrency space:

Koosha Azim: Although the bullish cryptocurrency market was starting to die down in early 2018, the whole space was still pretty new. I had just lost a good portion of the money I had invested through cryptocurrencies, so I was not content with my situation. My poor investment decisions lead me to join the impressive Blockchain @ Berkeley slack channel and reaching out to many blockchain/crypto business owners. I was lucky to get responses from several other young entrepreneurs who were willing to take me on board their project as an intern. After getting that first opportunity, I stopped thinking about finances and became thrilled with the idea of helping a startup. From that point on, I began contacting more initiatives in the blockchain industry to build strategic relationships. To be honest, I didn’t know much about anything when I started out, but I learned how to interact with people and advise businesses as time progressed. Through these processes, I learned to reject fear of the future, initiate productive conversations, and build sustainable relationships.


Growth and Grit

Koosha Azim: When starting out in an emerging field, I would advise working on communication skills and growing one’s inner confidence with strangers. I struggled with my self-confidence growing up, but I understood that for my goals and aspirations, things had to change. One day I woke up to see my cryptocurrency wallet completely wiped out on some lesser-known exchange. Following this crazy experience, I learned to be more careful with my decision making and be courageous when feeling down. People need to understand that many times the only thing stopping them is themselves. Aspiring to grow and cultivate communication skills and confidence helped me and can help anybody reach that next level.


Value Comes First

Koosha Azim: Us humans live in a stress-filled competitive world. The only way to stand out is to provide people value for their time. As an early entrepreneur, it was hard to grasp at first, but you can’t rely heavily on others to support you for little reason. Return on investment is the name of every game. I struggled to find fulfilling opportunities for a long time because I had a prior judgment that I was not prepared enough for a task. Sadly, most individuals want to feel that they are receiving value in almost every situation. To make business people like you and potentially close that next deal, people must provide some form of value upfront.

“You are the gatekeeper to your own destiny. Know when to use the right key to unlock new opportunities.” Koosha Azim

What Is Success?

Koosha Azim: I grew up thinking that success was always a monetary status only achieved by the top 1%. Ever since I began reading more books and growing my career, I see success as a point at which the human mind is both mentally and physically fulfilled.


Advice For Those Starting Out

Koosha Azim: Courage is what takes you from one point to another. Block off the negative doubts of your surroundings and chase your dreams. Create sustainable relationships with people who can be trusted. And lastly, develop communication skills to understand people. From that point forward, your potential will be much higher.

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