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Is JetSetFly a Marketing Genius or a Bankrupt Douchebag?




3 years ago, we were introduced to JetSetFly, a high-living, mega-wealthy Orange County teenager who apparently really loves private jets, trips with dozens of ladies, ATMs, bragging about being in 24/7 Overdrive & working harder than anyone, throwing money away, and Instagram. If Dan Bilzerian, Tai Lopez & Gary Vaynerchuk had a kid, he would be a spitting image of whatever that is. After his account got noticed by the millennial generation, he was very quickly – and aptly – named Instagram’s craziest business “prodigy”.

But, in his brief career, JetSetFly has recently grabbed the whole world’s attention with an escalating series of what seems to be publicity stunts and controversies. He is being called the entrepreneur troll prince, a master at sparking outrage and bottling it into feverish popularity & gossip. It’s a playbook that’s been used before — 50 Cent, for example, dissed his way to rap’s throne in early 2000, Lamar Ball & the hype he created around the Ball Brothers, 6ix9ine controversial rap beef, Donald Trump’s rude twitter remarks, & most widely used by the Kardashians. “He is definitely controversial like the Donald Trump of the self-education & business industry.” Ali Zamany, the CEO of American Smart Home, told me yesterday. “We look at the data — 60 percent of the comments are hate. But if we showed you the analytics on who writes the hate comments, they’re the ones who show up to his events & watch his training.

Three weeks ago, Jet announced on an Instagram live feed that he fired his entire staff of employees after discovering an internal rumor to set him up to get robbed while on vacation in Bali. He mentioned individuals who planned on photoshopping invoices & faking contracts as an attempt to scheme Jet out of money costing him & business partners Daniel Guaragna & Ryan Stewman over 6 figures in losses, although he never mentioned employees by name.

Recently Jet has posted a hysterical video skit on social media explaining that the other motivational entrepreneurs were right this whole time so he is downgrading his cars, luxury items, and lifestyle to avoid going bankrupt. The caption starts off “ I guess what they say is true if you don’t humble yourself, the universe will humble you….” & finishes with “This is a blessing in DISGUISE. Thank you to the GuruGodd & his divine messengers who spread his messages into my comment section. To everyone who is wondering if this is fake, it’s not. I just like to keep a positive attitude through everything & thought this would shed some light to the industry to not follow in my footsteps.“ while he is seen in the video riding a hoverboard into his mansion in Newport Coast, then driving a smart car out of his garage; he then continues to get out, open the trunk and say he is selling his designer shoes and not traveling on jets anymore while sporting over 6 figures of bling….. but some of his followers aren’t buying it. Comments such as “I knew you would go broke, you should have listened to Gary V you scumbag”, or “that’s what you get for being a douche bag and flexing on everyone. Be a man & stop making fun of broke people, other people have it worse” & even “I don’t know what this soft poor me BS is but take your head out of your own as% and gain some composure. This is painful to watch you attempt to take people’s money, this what cowards do. By the way, I’m in LA, I’m not hiding behind my phone. Meet you anywhere anytime we can have a conversation. My name is Noah S****, I’m not hiding I’m right here. “

While on the other side of the spectrum many comments are supportive and offering a helping hand like Wade Foxx, who commented “Hey Bro if this is legit, let me know if you need help. Make a million, lose a million, the second time is always easier.”

Jet doesn’t seem to be complaining about his current situation or having a negative attitude towards anyone and is seen spreading a grateful message & thanking the people who are supportive.

Whether you believe it or not JetSetFly isn’t rich anymore. He has everyone and their Mom’s talking about him. His social media has been shared thousands of times in the last week harnessing millions of impressions.

Common sense and logic says this isn’t real: The whole year he has been seen hanging out and getting mentored by some of the most well known and elite business moguls of today’s age, posting hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, taking jets every week, and even paying to fly out over 60 people to enjoy his birthday with him in Bali. The day before posting the skit he even showed a video of one of his businesses generating over $82,000 in a single day. Obviously not normal – but for “Jet” it is.

After a little more searching, we found an Instagram user (@codyyxgee) who claims to have messages from a lady who seen Jet working at a local Orange County breakfast cafe & then leaving the location inside of a Toyota Prius, which is the same car Jet had in his original video skit. Pictured below:


Jet has also posted an Instagram story that same day a video that appears to be moving a couch out of his empty mansion with cleaning people in the background captioned “Sad day”. Jet also has famous influencers, business partners, employees & friends commenting things like “You should have listened to me” & while at the same time & other famous influencers, business partners are tagging Jet on their stories saying they support him and are around to help him in this time of need. It’s an odd situation indeed & we are trying to piece it together.

There’s not enough additional information to draw any official conclusions, but we believe “Jet” has actually gone bankrupt & is over exaggerating on social media to make it look more unbelievable than it actually is.

We also received information that Jet’s belongings have been found on a Craigslist ad titled “24 Original Designer Shoes SIZE 7, Xbox365 & M3 Xcelerator Antiques” located at Touro Ver Dr. at Excela Way Torre in Newport Hills. It looks to be an attempt at selling what he has left to round up some spare change by selling over $40,000 worth of Gucci & Lou Boutin’s Red Bottom shoes, telling anyone interested in DM @jetsetfly on Ig with a “247od”.  At the time of this posting, it can be found here:



So we have a few possible conclusions, but one seems the most likely: This situation is real, and Jet has nothing left to his name – but he’s running social media stunts to boost his narcissistic ego and currently is working at a Cafe in Orange County while driving a Hyundai Prius. The second possible scenario is the whole entire “JetSetFly downgraded his life” personality isn’t the real deal & this could very easily just be some kid who wanted to get some social media spotlight and enrage a few hundred thousand people at an attempt to prove some sort of point. We don’t know what point this could possibly be, but if so, then well done, sir. Well done. I guess we will have to wait and find out.

All we know is one thing for sure & he seems to be making a big announcement Sunday night or sometime Monday.

What do you think is going on with Jet?

Wealthy Marketing Genius or Financially Illiterate Douchebag?

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine