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Jacob Fletcher-Johnson Takes Life One Dance at a Time



There is one life goal everyone has in common, but not everybody is able to fulfill it. That is being able to make a living out of your biggest passion. Most people spend their entire lives trying to figure out what is that one thing that makes them the happiest. Others have no idea how to turn their hobbies and interests into an income. But there are a few lucky ones who are smart and talented enough to figure out how to make their lives everything they had always dreamed of. Jacob Fletcher-Johnson is the perfect example of this as he takes life one dance at a time.


When he was four years old, Fletcher-Johnson discovered his passion for dancing while vacationing in Cyprus with his family. “I was on holiday in Cyprus with my family, and I remember the stage in the hotel we were staying in was empty as the acts were preparing to perform.” As they waited for the performers to take their place, young Jacob took to the stage and started dancing to the background music. The audience cheered him on, and his dancing career began.


Eight years later, he began posting his content on social media. Little did he know the four-year-old boy dancing in Cyprus would gather over 300K followers between TikTok and Instagram. People from all over the world decided to press “follow” in order to stay up to date with his new dancing trends, challenges, and choreographies. Luckily for them, Fletcher-Johnson posts different videos and images daily.


At his very young age, this dancing influencer has reached several milestones. He went viral when creating the Spaz Challenge. He has performed at the O2 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, with other well-known artists such as Headie One and Loski. He has collaborated with his heroes Ayo & Teo on several videos, including Fortnite gaming videos. And he landed a great partnership with Flipz Pretzels, winning a competition to become Flipz UK’s content creator. What can’t this talented young man do?


But what makes Jacob Fletcher-Johnson stand out from other influencers whose accounts also revolve around dancing? His commitment to doing everything with love and the audience in mind. This helps him stay motivated and focused on his goals, which is why he involves his followers in decisions regarding production and gives them behind-the-scenes content. “Having an audience that feels connected to you is an integral part of success within social media.”


Fletcher-Johnson’s media presence makes him a great role model for younger kids and keeps parents happy when they find out their children follow him. He showcases a very healthy lifestyle in which dancing is the most important thing. Therefore, young children can see him creating dances, collaborating with great brands, meeting his idols, and having a career, knowing they can work hard to achieve the same success with their passions and interests.


Although making an income out of your passion is not always possible, it is achievable if you work hard and follow your dreams. Dancing influencer Jacob Fletcher-Johnson is the perfect example. He found out what his biggest passion was at the age of four, began working towards that when he was 12 years old, and today he has become one of the top TikTok and Instagram dancers. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Vanessa Campbell has been a Senior Writer for more than a decade already. She has liaised closely with key members of the Marketing and Leadership team as well as key stakeholders, providing content support for concepts and ideas to take brands to the next level. She has been leading marketing campaign initiatives that have successfully thrived and prosper throughout the years.