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Jason Shipway Is Helping People All Around the World Make Over $100,000 a Year in the Home Cleaning Business



Jason Shipway

Cleaning the house is a universally dreaded task, and few would jump at the opportunity to clean the homes of others, but here’s something to make cleaning a bit more appealing for you. How about the chance to be your own boss and earn a comfortable six-figure salary?

That’s exactly what 19-year-old Australian entrepreneur Jason Shipway is helping people achieve after experiencing his own tremendous success in the home cleaning space.

Jason Shipway is no stranger to hard work, having started his company Enhanced Home Cleaning during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in April of 2020, at the age of just eighteen, proving himself to be a strong entrepreneurial force by growing his business to six-figures in under six months. Despite the alarming number of business owners closing their doors due to the adverse circumstances, the young Australian found a way to thrive during these troubling times – and now he’s committed to helping other people do the same.

These days, the popular mode of advertising is primarily based online with continually fewer businesses going offline to gain clients. Shipway, however, found a way to make unaddressed mail advertisements work cheaply and effectively for his business. Because homeowners’ mailboxes are getting less clunky due to the progression of digital mail and social media, it’s easier than ever to stand out offline. Shipway managed to utilize this concept effectively and achieved a high rate of conversion as a result.

The Perth-born businessman appears to be big on providing enormous upfront value to his clients, as demonstrated by the incredibly bold guarantee offered by Enhanced Home Cleaning. Dubbed Australia’s “most outrageous” cleaning guarantee, Enhanced Home Cleaning ensures “the clean of your dreams, or it’s free”, a promise unparalleled by any cleaning service in the country.

Although he has now found a winning formula for success, Shipway admits it wasn’t all easy at first. The 19-year-old business owner revealed that he was met with a lot of pushback when first starting his cleaning service and found it hard to gain momentum with his online and offline marketing. Clearly, the ability to soldier through such hardship is what sets an entrepreneur like Shipway apart from the rest.

By sharing the secrets to his success, Shipway has quickly built a large online following of cleaning business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, with some now experiencing significantly increased returns in their business by applying the strategies that he discloses within his inner circle.

It’s not surprising that the cleaning guru was able to rapidly grow his cleaning company when considering the tactful and selfless approach he took to marketing. Now, it seems that Shipway is doing the same for his loyal following of other cleaning business owners. With free content on offer like his 40-page digital guide, The 7-Step Guide To Creating Vibrant Facebook Posts For Your Cleaning Service That Grab Attention And Actually Generate Customers, consistent walk-through training videos, and insightful social media posts, it’s safe to say that you’d be missing out on a plethora of valuable knowledge by not wiggling your way into Shipway’s growing list of raving fans.

For a select number of determined people, starting a home cleaning business may be the best and easiest opportunity to live a better lifestyle on their own terms – and given the low barrier of entry and lack of formidable competition in the market, now is a better time than ever to build a thriving cleaning business by leveraging the knowledge of successful entrepreneurs like Jason Shipway.

You can engage with Jason Shipway online by following him on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or even via his Facebook group where he dissects how to succeed in the cleaning industry.

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