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Jayde Duncan – A Super Woman Achiever



Jayde Duncan inspires many to pursue interests because nothing is impossible.

Jayde Duncan is a superwoman African American athletic champion and crypto queen. She began her life with basketball as her first love interest while she was only 12 years old. This led her to win MVP, several championships in high school and what not!

This young girl then went on a full ride for a basketball scholarship at Morgan State University. MSU was a life changing experience for Jayde. It was here that she attended her Business Administration program and continued to pursue her MBA as well. 

The Serial Entrepreneur

The charismatic soul is the founder of Crypto Queen. She started her journey in the field of cryptography from the last year of college, exactly 4 years before she started out her first venture. Her main motto has always been to spread awareness and educate as many people to create generational wealth using cryptocurrency. She currently works as a crypto advisor and mentors full time on financial wealth.

Recently, Jayde went onto Superhost for Airbnb currently with 3 properties bringing in passive income while also building practical and 100% workable solutions through her courses and mentorship programs for leading entrepreneurs.

Jayde’s Services On Demand

After a huge demand and curiosity in the market to understand cryptocurrency, Jayde took the initiative to reach out to even more people by providing a course for crypto “AVOID CRYPTO MISTAKES” & offer 1on1 mentorship, along with an ebook. She also hosts a free session every Thursday to answer common queries and questions on cryptocurrency. 

Jayde’s New Course

Elevate your crypto skills with Jayde. She sheds some light on the basics of cryptocurrency that every beginner must know of before getting started. Many believe that learning crypto can be extremely exhausting and it is true to an extent if you do not have guidance. This can be time-consuming, and costly as well. Jayde has gone a step ahead to curate a formula where she can create the most seamless, stress-free way to break-down the crypto space. You have the opportunity to become an expert by building your own crypto portfolio with Jayde’s course.

She adds a hint of excitement, fashion, knowledge and charisma to this industry through her style of working and expressing her knowledge. Jayde’s Crypto Playbook course is also available on Podia to get step by step access to Jayde’s personal technique.

Through Jayde’s service towards the crypto world and the investors, many people now book batches in order to get trained by her. Her students have the liberty to manage their own financial destiny even without a 9-5 job via self-employment/crypto trade. After a point, it would make no sense to suffer in a 9-5 job if you have been self-sufficient already. Jayde shares, ‘I will also continue to host conferences, events, and meet ups to empower others with my crypto-expertise. I believe in passing down the baton or torch just as I was once blessed. I believe in helping the next person in line’.

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