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JC Polonia: Owner and Founder of Digitality Marketing



JC Polonia

JC Polonia, also known as Jean-Carlos Polonia is a 24-year-old New York native who owns and operates a full-service digital marketing agency. His agency focuses on online advertising, social media management, content production, and lead generation. His passion for marketing and creativity allows him to enjoy his craft while utilizing his ability to collect data and analyze information to generate optimal results for his clients. My interview with him gave me insight on his journey into entrepreneurship and the qualities that make his brand truly unique.

Journey into Entrepreneurship and Success

Polonia knew that he had what it took to grow his own business from the ground up. His first take at entrepreneurship was network marketing, but he felt like the opportunity wasn’t for him. He liked the idea of entrepreneurship, but he wanted a brand of his own so he decided to create an e-commerce business, and after a few months, it was featured in the news. While building his online brand, he was able to gain valuable knowledge of marketing and social media advertising. With his newly acquired knowledge of marketing and online advertising, he decided to help other small businesses gain the awareness and reach that they need to succeed.

“I always had entrepreneurial tendencies since I was young. . . it wasn’t until high school that I fully dove into the entrepreneurship/personal development space. I was introduced to a network marketing [opportunity] where I learned the concept of business and relationship building. It was the first time I was able to both build a team and make money around it. Although it was working for me, I realized that it still wasn’t mine, I was just an affiliate of the product/service. For this reason, I started an e-commerce brand with a philanthropic component in college that was able to get featured on the news after a few months. With that brand I learned so much about the online space and advertising that I realized if I was able to create this for myself, why wouldn’t I be able to help others do the same? That is when Digitality Marketing was formed and has brought me to where I am now.”

He is grateful for his company’s success, but he doesn’t want to get complacent in his brand’s current state. Yes, he has a steady flow of loyal clients who thoroughly enjoy the results that they’ve obtained from using his services, but he feels like the journey to his success is just beginning.  Polonia states that once he took the leap to quit his job, he was able to dedicate more time to his clients. He had regular clients before he took the leap of faith to step away from his position, but he didn’t want to bring on any additional customers without having the capability to devote more time and energy to his customers.

“It wasn’t until 3-4 months after I left my job that I was truly able to see real traction in my business. I had clients while working full time, but I was never able to scale it because I just didn’t have the time to do so. It would not have been fair to my clients to try and bring more people on without being able to give them 100% of my dedication. After I quit, I was able to consistently bring on more clients and onboard them at a much faster rate. Regardless of the growth that we’ve been able to see, I still believe we have so much more to go and that this is only the beginning. I am grateful and honored that others may see it as a success, but I can’t do that just yet. The moment I allow myself to think that is the moment the company slows down and I have no intention of doing so.”

Keys to Success and Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles, and Setbacks

Polonia claims that his three biggest keys to success are relationship building, hard work, and customer service. He has a clear–cut formula to success, but he has stated that knowing how to build a strong team behind him has been a challenge to overcome. He understands that he can’t always be “hands-on” with his brand, and appropriately delegating tasks can save him valuable time and energy.

“If I had to narrow down the biggest keys to success to only three things, they would be relationship building, working hard, and customer service. In any service-based business, you must be a people person and be able to work with all kinds of personalities. Your relationships along with your results will take you anywhere you want to go. With that being said, regardless of how good you are at building relationships or providing great customer service if you don’t work for what you want, you will never have it. As far as my greatest struggles thus far, I would have to say that it has been building a team around me. I struggle between deciding who the next hire should be or what contractors to work with. I realize day after day that I need to be okay with letting go of trying to oversee every single detail. I want to provide the best possible product/service so I tend to want to do everything myself. I know that will only hurt me in the long run so it is something that I am currently working on every single day.”

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