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Josh Gorra: Progress not Perfection



When we talk about success, most of us dwell on all the things we need to do, to become successful. We’re even taught to get everything together by society standards. From having the right network, going to the right path in your career, to having the right mindset, and so many more. The reality is, trying to get it all together can be overwhelming that you end up doing nothing. Most of us are fixated to making sure every decision is perfect. We tend to strive for perfection unrealistically when there’s one thing more important, and that is progress.  Our Mindset is critical & we can not allow having any negative self-talk or limiting beliefs.

Josh Gorra, life coach, motivational speaker, and founder of Destination Driven LLC, originally from Lawrence, MA, believes in doing things one at a time. After all, most of us live a hectic life, personally and professionally. 

Most of us have to remember that we’re only human. We make mistakes, and we are not perfect. So, we need to focus more on the progress we make daily while having a recipe for success. No matter how slow, progress is progress. Show yourself compassion along your journey, we all evolve differently.

Before becoming a renowned life coach, entrepreneur, and speaker, Josh recalls a moment that changed his life forever.

At ten years old, Josh got hit by a car, in a hit & run accident. It was an accident that he would never forget. Josh clinically died for three minutes on a helicopter ride to a children’s hospital in Boston, MA. However, by the grace of God and the expertise of medical professionals, he was brought back to life. Twenty-five stitches to his head, two months of hospitalization, speech, occupational & physical therapy, he went on to complete 6th grade.  

Josh and his family thought he will never live a normal life ever again. Fast forward to today, he has become successful, helping entrepreneurs understand perspective. When Josh reflects at that point in his life, he remembers the perspective of gratitude that he has been applying in his life personally and professionally over the last 27 years.

Josh since then has graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2004 with an AS in Entrepreneurship and BS in Financial Service Management. After graduating, he focused on teaching people and corporations his ten principle mindset and helping them find their “drive within.” For him, our mindset is the driver to our Destination. Similar to a pilot, we need a checklist before take-off and/or starting each day. 

His checklist of ten daily principles to maximize EACH day: Gratitude, Self-care, Passion, Circle of Influence, Learn, Trust Your Journey, Give Back, Discipline (daily macro & micro-goals), Mentoring, and Inspire.

Today, Josh is passionate about coaching, helping others, teaching, and utilizing his “time value of life” mindset merging both personal and professional lives while tailoring it to the individual person. He also provides this checklist & a system that helps organizations maximize their sales professionals’ talents each day. 

Josh has led life events, private coaching, and exclusive retreats. He has been featured at speaking events held in prominent venues such as Harvard Club of Boston, Carnegie Hall, & Nasdaq among a few.  He has also been on Fox News in Sacramento, CA & the Daytime show in San Antonio, Tx to discuss his 10 principle mindset. Josh is also working on his book that will be released soon, targeted for summer.

Based on overcoming his own obstacles, his greatest gratification is paying it forward and changing one life at a time.  Visit for info on his upcoming book launch and his contact information. His mantra, stay focused, stay driven, stay on track.

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