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Justin Caballero Has Turned Passion into Success

Miesha Wilson



Justin Caballero Has Turned Passion into Success

Justin Caballero is a young serial entrepreneur who has always had his heart and mind set on entrepreneurship, but just like many, he had to endure a series of heartaches, bad luck, and difficult situations before he could enjoy the fruits of his labor. One of his business ventures as a young teen was a party planner! He would throw parties and charge teens $5 to enter, and he would repeat this process until he made double the investment. Ever since then, he realized that he had the passion, drive, and intelligence to be successful as a business owner.

Caballero and his business partner, Aaron Platt, own a company called Social X where they work together to build relationships, networks, and connect successful 7, 8, and 9- figure business professionals with young and eager entrepreneurs. With the growing number of millennials graduating college with a degree, his company serves as a valuable teaching tool and resource for enthusiastic individuals to gain an edge in the business world—they are able to access information that wouldn’t be accessible to them otherwise.


The Journey to Success Wasn’t Paved in Gold

Most people love the idea of entrepreneurship but shy away from the everyday grind that comes with creating an empire, and when the chips fall, and life begins to happen, very few people have what it takes to stay focused and productive. Caballero stated that halfway through his undergraduate accounting program, he landed an accounting internship and it was then that he realized that the corporate life wasn’t for him.

Knowing what it’s like to feel stuck and insecure in your life purpose, Caballero can relate to many of the clients that come to him in search of success in their business. Just like them, he was met with hardships and self-doubt along the way. “I’ve been in their position of feeling stuck and not knowing what to do. My mom just passed away and I was working in an entrepreneurial role, but living in a place that I didn’t want to be in and I didn’t know what to do.”

His passion to help others in similar situations have driven him to create additional resources for those who feel stuck in their business and life—he’s working on a comprehensive worksheet to help guide those who are feeling “stuck” both in life and in business.


Adding Value to the Marketplace

Caballero says that his brand adds value to the industry without focusing solely on pitches. He’s more interested in making sure that everyone is having a good time and gaining valuable information that will transform lives. He knows that this sets his brand apart from the competition. “There’s a lot of people who don’t care to add value but to make a sale. I’m more concerned with delivering value and making sure everyone is having a good time. The events that I host is fun. We try not to do uptight and formal events. We make sure that it’s inspiring. People can get kind of loud and have fun and engage.”

If you’re an entrepreneur who is wondering what Social X could do for you, plainly put, his Mastermind program will get you on the track to make more money, scale a business from your passion, and help you build a network of like-minded individuals to ensure your success.


Want to live the Caballero life?

It takes patience, knowledge, and determination to make it in the self-starter lane. Not everyone is cut out for this life, but if you have the passion and you’re willing to sacrifice, then you are halfway there. Caballero gives insightful tips on how a young business owner can turn his passion into a full-fledged company. “Invest heavily in your education and [be mindful of] who’s in your network. Get around people who are ahead of you. Get books and listen to podcasts –that’s going to be your highest return in profit.”


For business inquiries, reach out to Caballero via Instagram:@Jcab.

Miesha Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing heartwarming and inspiring stories of everyday individuals who work to transform their dreams of success into reality.