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Justin Grome, Founder of Clonefluence, is Revolutionizing the Music Industry through its Cloud Managing Effort



Justin Grome

Clonefluence, the brainchild of a visionary 21 year old, enhances online presence and aids businesses and customers to communicate freely through services such as Artist Management, Social Media Management, Promotions, Marketing, Follower Enlargement, and Blog Placements. Justin Grome, the far-sighted entrepreneur, introduced the concept of Cloud Management making the company’s services available digitally across the globe. It is one of the first businesses to have an actual manager that books artists shows, manages their social media accounts, and helps them grow as an artist, but through the internet.

Money was never the source of inspiration for Justin. He revealed that his startup was the product of his love for music and his marketing skills. He got sponsorships from brands and companies like Fila, Sperry, ASUS, NFL, Walmart, Sunny D, Ad Council and more. Clonefluence started off very small, Justin initially worked tirelessly through the years before officially launching the company. His first and utmost step was to build an unswerving digital team which was extremely hard for him to find. Justin, through team effort, made Clonefluence into what is called a true internet company because of the fact that most of the work is done digitally and all of its employees don’t even live in the same state. They are spread out throughout the United States as Justin progressively believes in giving a significant degree of independence and space to his employees to work according to their schedules and from the comfort of their homes.

With a mission of helping their clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial developments in their careers, Clonefluence uses professional marketing tactics, builds enduring personal relationships, and designs social media campaigns, notably on Spotify, to extend their clients’ reach. Justin realized that there are ample great platforms for artists to be a part of but they fail to get the results. Clonefluence, on the other hand, provides a useful platform for upcoming and well-known artists alike but focuses more on taking the artists to the next level no matter the circumstances and that is why their team stands out. Big on consistency, the team guarantees results by being vigilant of new trends and techniques that would ensure success for their clients. From underground artists to well-known public figures, Justin has worked with numerous names in the industry such as Kendrick Lamar, Riff Raff, Uncle, Murda, YONAS, Kiki Rowe, Ponce De Leioun, Skaa, and many more.

Starting out, they were keen on getting maximum artists on board. In an interview, Justin said, “You can’t take no for an answer in the business industry, if you want something then you go get it”. This philosophy, though very difficult to abide by, worked for Clonefluence’s remarkable success. Initially, they worked with artists either in collaborations or by managing their social media but through unwavering professionalism and dedication they started to increasingly attract more artists to work with them. Being skillful in marketing techniques and analytics, Justin worked on building positive associations for Clonefluence which gave a much-needed boost to the brand within the music industry.

Justin is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a professional photographer and an iOS developer. He was born in Staten Island, New York, and moved to New Jersey at an early age. He has gifted a camera at the age of 11 which further developed his interest in photography. Justin went on to learn graphic designing and increased his own following on Instagram by uploading pictures. He then began to explore Twitter where he was able to amass 2.4 million followers because of his comedic tweets that got featured on Buzzfeed and on famous Instagrammers’ pages such @thefatjewish. However, his account got suspended after which he used his time to work on his social media agency. He also became an iOS developer by beta-testing applications and helping developers with constructive feedback before they released their applications to the public. He contributed significantly on customization factors on jailbroken iPhones through Cydia and worked as a creative partner of the WaveVid social media application.

Justin Grome likes best to be known as the founder of Clonefluence, an agency that has made a strong mark in the music industry in less than three years. His goal for his corporation is to keep striving and to double the annual revenue. His creative mindset has got him very far at the age of 21, and his ambitious nature will continue to make his corporation thrive. 

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