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Kimberley La’Chelle: After Growing Up in the Inner City Projects in Chicago to Becoming a Humanitarian Leader, Entrepreneur, and Beyond



Kimberly La’Chelle grew up in a less-than-deal environment she grew up in and dealt with unsavory circumstances surrounding her childhood. However, a positive twist of fate can befall anybody, and Kimberly La’Chelle was not spared. Today, she is a leader, humanitarian, actress, businesswoman, leadership figure in the community, a mother of 4, and a nana of 6.

Growing up in the Dearborn home housing projects in Chicago did do Kimberly good. In retrospect, it was influential in her story. She became a mother of four children by 23, and at such a young age, she was already a victim of domestic violence with very little chance of survival. Because she never wanted her children to lack anything, Kimberly took to the streets and began selling drugs.

At the time, selling drugs was a means to an end for her, but deep down, she knew that she was putting herself and her children in danger. She was shot, and it took a great deal of self-awareness to realize that she needed to change her lifestyle. Kimberly La’Chelle left Chicago and chose to move to Virginia, where she started working as an exotic dancer. Seemingly an upgrade from her former hustle, she worked as an exotic dancer in Florida, Atlanta, and Baltimore. She needed to make ends meet somehow, but unknown to her, it was also the series of stepping stones that would propel her into the model citizen that she is today.

Despite the rough upbringing she had as a child, the values she was raised with never left her. Kimberly La’Chelle grew up with lessons that informed her to always follow her dreams. Despite working hard to make ends meet and take care of her children, Kimberly never lost sight of her life goals, which was to become an inspiration to women worldwide. Some years later, Kimberly La’Chelle got closer to God and strengthened her faith.

Over the years, Kimberly La’Chelle has gone from selling drugs, doing drugs, exotic dancing to becoming a successful business owner, actress, and humanitarian. As a testament to her son and a way of contributing to society, Kimberly La’Chelle established ARG HIV/AIDS Awareness Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV in young people. Kimberly’s goal is to inspire and influence everyone regardless of age, tribe, race, demography, or class. She strongly believes her heart is her biggest asset, and she aims to tug at people’s hearts with her humanitarian and charity works.

She was motivated to establish her brand by her strong sense of self-belief. “I am my biggest fan, and I have always had confidence in myself from a very young age. Building my brand came naturally because I knew I could do it, and here we are today,” she says. In five years, Kimberly La’Chelle hopes to be in a position where she can make a national impact. She wants everyone to be inspired to never give up. She is a good example of someone that didn’t give up.

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