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Larry Flowers

Larry Flowers found success in the networking scene at a young age. Surprisingly, this was not driven by a business-minded mentality at first. Larry, a North-East Philly Native coming off a life chapter attending school & playing ice hockey at the University of Pittsburgh, got the opportunity of a lifetime. In his mid-twenties, Larry got involved with entertaining pro athletes visiting the great city of Los Angeles during their season play. (Mainly Athletes in the National Hockey League


As various “NHLers” would fly into the L.A. area – Larry would link up and show the players around the city. The travel intensive schedule during their professional career for these athletes led to a great appreciation for someone to manage evening outlets to unwind and find relaxation during their stay. Bars, clubs, or even just a quiet dinner would allow for an opportunity for Larry to develop incredible relationships with these prominent figures. This was the start of an illustrious business development model for Larry. A business model that was built on a foundation of trust and relationship building.


If there was one word to describe Larry, it would be CARE. He truly cares about the friends and family members that are involved in his life. This level of genuine care is a life principle that has led to the deep connections in life and business that Larry has generated and nurtured over time. His attention to detail and awareness has set him up for success when it comes to ensuring the people in his circle feel significant and feel protected by his presence. 


It was natural for Larry to mix his business with his personal life. This was only due to the fact that Larry holds himself to a very, very high standard of morals when it comes to his business. At the time, Larry was able to link up with a good friend who had started an in-home, gold buying business. Larry and his business partner would host a low-key party at an individual’s house and purchase cash for gold. This type of business also led to Larry and his partner to purchase other items such as precious gems, fine jewelry, and timepieces. Unplanned, they had stumbled into a great opportunity to resell and retail their collection to the general public. 


This is where we introduce when Larry found most of his success with the creation of his new business – LARRY FLOWERS FINE JEWELRY & TIME PIECES. Unfortunately, Larry lost his business partner to mental health complications and ultimately lost his life. This forced Larry to quickly build his confidence and skill set in areas of business-owning where he relied on his late business partner. This dark period of time for Larry caused him to reflect and reach deep in his inner core to find the motivation to push forward and ultimately drive massive execution to launch this new entity. 


There is only one overlaying factor behind his success in his new venture… His relationships. They supported, they shared, and they made introductions. Although he is an absolute industry expert, Larry finds referrals through his process of educating clients and “hitting singles.” No not on a baseball diamond, but in the office. Larry prides himself on providing an incredible experience when working with him. This means listening to the wants and needs of his client and driving home a deal that is not entirely negotiated on Larry’s benefit. He always gives the best deal first. Finding significance in treating people right over chasing the largest sales commission. Overtime his clientele has come to this understanding and provides incredible levels of value through a massive referral network. A network that has thrived in the locker rooms of many NHL and MLB teams. 


Larry is quickly moving into the podcasting and media space to share his lessons and expertise in networking. These are actionable insights that business professionals in any industry can implement and hone for their vertical. He is widely successful and his business speaks for itself when you see the list of clientele that has gone to Larry for their gifting and personal jewelry needs. 

If you’re still not convinced that Larry has truly earned the business of some of the greatest athletes in the US, then take a look at the testimonials located on his website (

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