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Learn the Inspiring Story Behind Entrepreneur, Carlos Reyes



Carlos Reyes

Serial entrepreneur and founder of National Cash offer, Carlos Reyes, has risen through the ranks to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Carlos heads more than fourteen companies spanning different industries, including Magnus digital, National Cash offer, All in Flipping, and Inventory City.

Hard work, discipline, and faith have made all this has been made possible. Carlos exhibits the characteristics that most successful people have, and this helped him attain success where others might have given up.

In this article, you’ll learn how Carlos came from humble beginnings to owning some of the fastest-growing firms in the country.


Subtle beginnings 

Carlos was born to an impoverished family in Mexico. He made a living bagging groceries as a child. Later on, his family moved to the United States.

In a bid to support her three children, Carlos’s mother worked minimum-wage jobs all the time. Little did she know that she was teaching her children the value of hard work.


The Journey

Immediately after earning his United States Citizenship, Carlos ventured into the corporate world, and he worked a satisfying job for more than ten years. He was thankful for all the opportunities the United States had offered him, but deep down, Carlos didn’t feel accomplished.

In 2015, Carlos decided to take a leap of faith and charge straight for the American dream. He tried his hand at Real Estate flipping and loved it! In three short years, he became a millionaire.

He was a success! But this didn’t come easy. His success was a result of hard work, discipline, and strong faith in God. Carlos was a man who followed the old fashioned methods; He got up early, slept late, embraced his highs and lows, and put in extraordinarily amounts of hard work into his craft.


Words of advice

Attaining success in any aspect of your life requires a lot of work. Carlos recommends that anyone who is striving for success should start by creating and building a vision; once you put down your vision, you must be prepared to commit, focus, and sacrifice.

During this journey, you’ll face a lot of obstacles; you should never give up! You have to stand firm in the hard times and make something good out of every mess you find yourself in. This is what truly separates the one percent from the rest.

Today, Carlos is living the American dream. He achieved this by working hard and exhibiting a superior work ethic. If you’re willing to put in the same amount as Carlos, your success is guaranteed.


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