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Lee Richter is Building a Network of the Greatest Minds in the World



Influence and success go hand in hand. As a dedicated family woman, Lee Richter has greatly influenced her family to go beyond the norm and do greater things helping them achieve success alongside her. Lee is no stranger to success. She is an award-winning business innovator and visionary.

She has garnered multiple awards throughout her entire career. She was recognized as one of the Top 100 Women Business Leaders in 2019 by the San Francisco Business Times. She’s a multifaceted woman of success. Not only is she a number one best-selling author, but she’s also a producer at Abundance Studios™ and a member of the Forbes Business Council.

Lee Richter has kept herself busy over the past 25 years. She has run a dozen successful businesses generating over $100 million in revenue. She is the CEO of multiple seven-figure companies, including Richter Communications and Design Group and The Pet Concierge. With her knowledge and skills in business, she loves to mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs to model her success.

Lee Richter is currently launching her team and brand into the Crypto and NFT world, and is quickly becoming one of the biggest pioneers into this new world.  NFTs are quickly making their way into mainstream and before we know it, they will be a part of our everyday life. Lee has an uncanny ability to spot trends and whether they are worth investing time and money into.  And the Crypto world has her attention, so she has decided to jump in and ride the wave by launching a new company The Global Leaders Collective, a subsidiary of Richter Design Group.  The Global Leaders Collective is set to be one of the leading NFT project design and development groups in the NFT world.  Happiness, Superheroes and Legendary Basketball stars are just a few of the NFT projects in the works for Lee and her team.

However, Lee Richter isn’t just a model to her consultees. She has also been a great influence on her family. With Lee’s help, her loving daughter Abbey became a best-selling author just like her mother, but she did the impressive feat at the age of nine. Lee’s husband has also been recognized as a global thought leader in the veterinary industry for his expertise in holistic health for pets and wildlife. As a family, they love to travel and explore the world together.

Lee Richter finds her expertise in Networking. She firmly believes that it is an integral aspect of the development of any business, and she’s definitely not wrong. Along with her team, Lee strives to create long-lasting and genuine relationships with her clients. She is a keen entrepreneur who always strives to improve a company by looking into its areas of growth and building those areas into a company’s greatest asset.

Lee greatly enjoys working with leaders who are making a meaningful and positive impact in the world. Much like her, she wants to work closely with people who are looking to succeed in any endeavor that they partake in. She also feels great fulfillment in working with companies and teams who are motivated to accomplish a mission with innovative ideas and forward-thinking principles.

Anyone who requires a seasoned expert by their side will greatly benefit from working with Lee Richter. Once she starts working with her clients, she makes sure to give it her all, so she expects nothing less in return. She wants to push her clients to unlock their absolute potential. Lee has mountains of resources available, and her goal is to collaborate with professionals who are focused on making a positive impact in whatever they do.

Lee Richter has always been known for her commitment to learning and excellence. These aspects have brought about incredible collaborative opportunities for her and have allowed her to access global leaders to brainstorm and share ideas with. She greatly enjoys sharing insights with leaders, as she brings a fresh and innovative perspective towards implementing both traditional “brick and mortar” businesses and online businesses as well.

To know more about the amazing Lee Richter, make sure to visit her official website. To take a little peek at her personal life and for more live updates, follow her on Instagram.


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