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Lessons Learned From An Exclusive Interview With The Founder Of London’s Leading Digital Agency, George Thomas McCormick



George Thomas McCormick

Founder of SOAR, George Thomas McCormick is an individual who’s helped various firms and business owners scale their businesses to unprecedented heights.

SOAR is a full-funnel Facebook and Instagram marketing agency whose goal is to create and run profitable Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for its clients. 

In an interview with George a couple of weeks ago, he shared some of the obstacles he faced on his journey to the top, how he overcame them, and some words of advice to anyone striving for success.


Avoiding stress and burnouts;

To combat stress, George engages in physical activities such as exercise. He is the captain of the Potters Bar Hockey Club men’s second team, and he also enjoys frequenting the gym. In total, George shares that he exercises at least 5 times weekly with a mixture of cardio (hockey matches), weight training and calisthenics workouts. 

After terrible or stressful days at work, nothing works better than taking out his aggression in the gym or on the hockey pitch. After completing the workout, most of the stress is gone, and he carries on handling things to the best of his ability. 

Apart from all mentioned above, he always makes sure to take time off during the evenings to spend quality time with his girlfriend and their puppy. This greatly assists him with relaxation and prevents him from working round the clock without breaks.  

Advice for people seeking growth in any area of their life;

His best advice for people who fall into this category is that they allow freedom for failures. Amazing right? Well, without failure, nothing is learned.  He has spent the last decade continuously failing, and each failure has left with him valuable lessons. 

The most important lesson he’s learned is failing forward. Rather than giving in to inadequacies and taking things badly when there’s a failure, he advised that keeping your head up, moving on and learning from it will help with improvements and growth. 

All of the failures, according to George, will in due time, teach lessons that are needed for the achievement of success and will help with a mindset shift.  


Salient tips for achieving success;

We all want to achieve success. It’s our ultimate goal. But how do we go about doing it? 

To achieve success, George recommends that you learn to accept failure.  Embracing the fact that failure is a part of the journey that will greatly help you on your path to success. What this lets you do is take on more challenges without the fear of failing. This isn’t a go-ahead for recklessness in decision making, and this is a go-ahead for the maximum exploration of everything at your disposal.

In order to really achieve success, George suggests that you exit your comfort zone and push to a new, untapped territory.  

Another tip George brings to the table would be to surround yourself with people. He has never been a person that has many friends, but surrounding oneself with people who uplift you is vital. He lost many of his friends when he decided not to go the path of everyone else and go to college. 

This loss helped him focus because it took away those who weren’t all for his dream. They simply wanted him to adhere to the normative practice. Don’t allow the fear of losing people hinder you from seeking out your true calling and succeeding in it.  


View On Businesses Running Advertising Campaigns By Themselves;

As a teenager, George ran advertising campaigns for multiple businesses. He recalls how easy it was to create the ads. The main obstacle was getting results.

There are numerous firms and business owners who go through the pain of seeing no results, day after day, from their ad campaigns. George advises that these business owners seek the help of experienced and credible agencies like his to help out, instead of trying to go over the roadblock themselves.

A Quote To Live By;

When he was younger, George picked up a quote his dad would always say. This quote was said by The founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, it goes this way; “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.”

This quote formed the foundation of George’s work ethic and made him the individual he is today.

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