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Lessons to learn from Hector Gonzalez’s life



Lessons to learn from Hector Gonzalez's life

A chaotic childhood is also an opportunity for greatness.

Hector even though experiencing a tough childhood didn’t want to “be a statistic”. That gave him the grit to create a new path for himself and by eighteen, he moved to Kansas City and began his own life.

From the physiological side of things, a lot of what goes on in childhood controls how we turn out as adults.

Research says that if childhood is chaotic, it may traumatize the child as he grows. However, while that can be true for most, not for Hector. For him, it provided the fuel & drive in him to create an opportunity and make a massive impact in the world.

Hector’s enthusiasm for people and passion to make an impact led him to enter a Church program and raised 10,000 USD in roughly three weeks to live in Africa for three months. It left him with a great deal of experience and presented him with a chance to find his inner desire.

The importance of reading in entrepreneurship

Hector Gonzalez found solace in reading. He found his entrepreneurship opportunity via his copywriting agency after reading nearly a book per week every year for 10 years straight. He saw shoot outs, killings, and other chaotic activities happening in the Bronx, New York, and his life was really rough while growing up.

Reading taught him leadership, ownership & empathy, which Hector believes to be the 3 pillars of true success and lasting fulfillment.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a company owner there is still much to discover. Of course, there are numerous different ways to acquire what we need to know. We can acquire it on our own through making mistakes in our business; seldom this course can have disastrous outcomes on our businesses. Or we can acquire from other entrepreneurs through a coach or a mentor or an instructional board or even a leader. This type of origin of learning has its site for an entrepreneur however these people are not always going to be prepared when we have to make indispensable choices at every stage of the journey. It is immeasurable to master to be a good entrepreneur wherever possible in progress of challenges that may arise in running a business day-to-day. Of course, some of this knowledge can come from other successful entrepreneurs who have done it before. But we can also learn a lot by reading books. Reading is the best way of vicariously discerning. We don’t always have to make the errors ourselves and we don’t always have to do everything by suffering and delusion. It is so much better to learn from other people who have done what we have done or what we have not done. Reading enables us to endure the shoulders of giants and learn from people who have triumphed facing the odds and overwhelm enormous challenges and enhance success in life.

Reading books about entrepreneurs and the sense of doing business and selling also presents motivation and strengthens our confidence. We may already know what we want to mature into and what to do but we haven’t yet done anything about it. When we read we may find evidence of our actual consciousness and assumptions which may become a source of direction and reassurance for us to do whatever it is we want to do.

John Locke once said, “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”  When we are diligent to constantly contemplate about what we learned, it becomes apart of who were are transforming knowledge into wisdom. This is the most important lesson to learn from Hector’s life. That no matter what circumstances may be challenging or difficult…a life that fully embraces growth, wisdom will always have the last word.

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