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Luis Balaguer Is Innovating the Digital Marketing Experience



There’s been a great shift in the digital marketing industry, what seemed to be an industry that sought numbers at the end of the day, has now moved towards a more relational form of marketing. Experiential marketing, as it’s called, seeks to enhance the user and customer experience to enable deeper engagement and involvement in a particular business. That’s where User Experience, and Lead Generation expert, Luis Balaguer comes in. With over 17 years of industry experience, a Masters in Communications with Virtual Media, and a BA in Graphic Design, Balaguer is a major authority within the industry.

He has worked with over 60 brands, six of which belonged to the Fortune 500 Companies. He also worked as a University professor for over eight years, and he has successfully trained and taught over 550 students over the course of his career.

Balaguer is currently focusing all of his time and effort into building memorable, experiential marketing strategies for business to enhance their conversations with their customers. Client relations and brand loyalty have become a real game-changer within the industry, reaching out to an audience, and engaging with them are paramount when running a successful brand campaign. Balaguer has passed on his knowledge within his inner circle of students from around the world, including Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, and the USA.

Building trust with customers takes a physical glance at all the communications channels of a specific business. Corporate identity design will highlight the strong points and the message of a specific business to its potential customers.

Balaguer has always been a passionate and professional individual. He always aspires to innovate the way technology works within companies from all over the world. He believes in providing solutions to business challenges with online design strategies, such as logos, corporate imagery, UI/UX design, and Web Development. It’s his convictions and his passion for the industry that made him establish

His company has been sailing smoothly lately with the help of his beautiful wife, best friend, and life partner, Lilia, who is also the Project Manager for his company. Together, they have a combined total of 25 years of industry experience.

An innovation that includes Experiential and Conversational marketing is the concept of Chatbots. These things are revolutionizing the way people do business and client interactions, using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence with natural language processing. Modern chatbots offer a deeper level of interaction than ever before. Online chatbots save time and effort by automating the customer support area of business. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human.

Though Chatbots might not just be used for customer support and asking for inquiries, they can also do business tasks such as collecting user information, helping to organize a meeting, and reduce overhead costs.

These examples are only a few of what’s in store for the future of digital marketing. As more and more technologies become refined and as new strategies come out, it’s undeniable that Luis Balaguer will be one step ahead of the competition.

To know more about Luis Balaguer, visit his company’s website.

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