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Matt Warshay: The CEO of Jump Start Tutoring



Matt Warshay

Matt Warshay is the CEO of Jump Start Tutoring. This small New York-based boutique tutoring company was founded in 1998 with the mission to help young students succeed in their academic careers. Warshay believed that he could offer a personalized approach to tutoring that would result in higher test results than with traditional group instruction. His initial goal was to help students prepare primarily for SAT and ACT testing; but soon, his tutoring business began offering instruction in a wide spectrum of subjects.  He provided a way for many students to gain the academic edge they needed to achieve and surpass their educational goals.

From 1998 to 2005, Warshay noticed that his current model of at-home, one-on-one tutoring sessions posed a problem for some students—there were too many distractions and travel time limited the number of sessions.  He then took the risk and opened a tutoring facility in a centrally located office building.  This was a major turning point for the expansion of his business, providing efficient, private tutoring spaces for more tutors and students.

During my interview with him, he shared his journey into entrepreneurship and how he overcomes the stresses of being a game-changer in the education arena. His journey not only highlights the real-world struggles that come with owning your own business, but his story also serves as a model for anyone who is willing to follow in his footsteps to entrepreneurship.

Journey into Entrepreneurship and Success

Matt Warshay

Like many who dare to travel down the path of entrepreneurship, it was the need for freedom and creative expression that motivated him; but he was no novice to entrepreneurship. He was always a free-spirited, do-it-yourself kind of guy. As a child, he loved to find creative ways to make a little spending money on the side,” I was the kid with the lemonade stand, running out in the street, trying to grab every one I could.”  In college, he offered what the students needed most; a healthy, balanced meal, so he started a salad delivery company. As if that wasn’t enough, besides his studies, he also developed and ran a successful DJ company. Is anyone thinking, “Find a need and fill it?” I liked the independence that an entrepreneur has and the freedom to be creative. I am able to try new things and not have to deal with anyone trying to dissuade me.”

The freedom that Warshay has created for himself through entrepreneurship has helped him live a more fulfilling life; he works long hours, but on a schedule that he controls, giving him great flexibility.  Many people wish they could have more control over their time while remaining financially stable, and everyone values freedom, time, and flexibility, but most people lack the courage and initiative to go after what they want. “

Overcoming Everyday Challenges as an Entrepreneur

Matt Warshay

Entrepreneurship can offer freedom, flexibility, creative expression, and many more opportunities, but it isn’t an easy road to travel. The path to independent ownership is tough and comes with challenges and risks that few people are prepared for. But with a positive outlook, a willingness to learn, and the necessary financial resources, anything is possible. Warshay gives key pieces of wisdom and insight to help those who seek to become the next self-made man or woman. “I would definitely say, get a mentor. I am always learning from successful people around me, and that helps me avoid many mistakes. I observe how they organize their life for efficiency, and most importantly, I’ve learned not to be afraid to fail. For everything I’ve tried that didn’t work, I’ve benefitted from those failures. Also, organization, planning and keen observation are critical. Spotting potential problems before they become issues is a developed skill and necessity; everything matters and contributes to your success, from cracks in the ceiling to subtle signs of emotional problems with tutors and students.”

The bottom line is that Warshay’s success did not happen overnight, or by luck.  He had a long-range goal, was willing to take risks, make changes along the way, and worked hard to make it all happen.


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