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Maurice Griffin’s “Love Peace Happiness” Is the International Anthem of Hope to Face Global Crises



In early 2020, the world was forced to pause due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases, which was soon after classified as a global pandemic. Many people lost their jobs, loved ones, and other unprecedented and unfortunate events happened within a span of a year. During these troubling times, the world needs hope to cope with the disruption in daily life, and many have turned to the healing powers of music. “Love Peace Happiness” by Maurice Griffin is today’s international anthem for uplifting anyone’s spirit.

“Love Peace Happiness” is described as a “100% positive energy booster.” It is a musical vaccination of hope for humanity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maurice Griffin’s goal is to restore peace and normalcy to the world through his music. The international music industry immediately adopted Griffin’s new song, and it charted on the Gospel Billboard Charts at # 30 and even trended # 1 on Twitter in Nigeria during April 2021. Accumulating major success in the media, it has found success on the internet with 1.6 million views on Facebook alone, and it has been featured on international television and radio airwaves. These make Maurice a dominant public figure to watch in 2021.

Before Maurice Griffin started inspiring others with his own music, the American singer learned his gift of singing at the age of five and then began singing professionally at nine. Griffin quickly won the hearts of his audience with his captivating personality, contagious smile, and incredible voice. For ten years, he traveled with New Direction, an urban city choir from Chicago, Illinois, where he was inspired and trained by the teachings that came from Jearl V. and Percy Gray. His solo career came to life shortly after being featured as a finalist on the second season of BET’s Sunday Best.

He continued pursuing his passion for music, and in 2018, he became a well-known international gospel artist across Jamaica, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. The inspiring artist never disappoints his listeners and keeps things fresh with his music releases. These include “Judah,” “Prove Me I’m Yours,” and his top hit, “Love Peace Happiness”—soaring well over 3 million streams collectively. He is rated as one of the most successful independent singers in the United States after charting on the Gospel Billboard with his latest singles.

Being an artist and owner of World Changing Entertainment, Griffin’s goal is to establish opportunities for creative minorities and help them live their dreams. His goal of helping minorities extends Griffin’s passion for addressing current social issues with his artistry. He continues to explore new avenues to pursue his neverending vision of providing healing to the people through music, especially now that the world faces different adversities. His music certainly brought him to where he is now. He will continue to inspire and be a model for aspiring musicians like him.

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