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Meet 16 Year Old Entrepreneur Mehran Khan



Meet 16 Year Old Entrepreneur Mehran Khan

Mehran Khan is the youngest social media entrepreneur from Baluchistan Pakistan who has realized the potential of social media and has capitalized this opportunity to set up an entrepreneurial venture of his own. The social media alone has not paved the way for his success rather all the elements of digital media combined have created prospects of his continuous growth, including e-commerce, SEO, and social media.

With his continuous efforts in this domain, he has been able to set up a media publishing company by the name of Rifiako Media. Rifiako Media was not the first venture of Mehran Khan. Before this, he has created a web agency, invested his time and efforts in some other small businesses, and finally ended up in creating his best project up till now, Rifiako Media.

The journey of Mehran Khan started in Baluchistan where he was born. His life as a child wasn’t tough. Quite early in life, he became a part of the digital marketing sector and worked in an agency for 3 years. His inspiration to look for an entrepreneurial venture was his quest for freedom. The freedom involved financial freedom as well as the freedom to make his own decisions, which was not possible being employed. By initiating a web agency, he was able to get what he wanted. The success of the early ventures also motivated him to create Rifiako Media, which has now become the reason for the acknowledgment of his efforts.

Rifiako Media is a publishing house that not only provides unique content to the visitors but also helps in getting insights into the changing content landscape. Similarly, SEO and e-commerce have been pivotal in the overall success of Mehran Khan. And he gives due credit to these platforms for his growth and wants to evolve with these platforms for continuing his success.

Competitiveness, self-awareness, and independence are the three traits that make up the success of Mehran Khan. Being a resident of the multi-cultural province, he realizes the problems that an entrepreneur could face, but for him, it is not about the issues, it is about the opportunities that it could bring and this is why entrepreneurial minds are different from the others. Additionally, he has also seen the bottom of what life has to offer through traveling. So, it is just not the ability to manage things online; he understands what is going on in the actual world as well.

He does not want to end up as an entrepreneur who cares for his ventures only. He wants an environment where other entrepreneurs can grow as well. According to him, “The journey might be tedious, but it could have a beautiful ending regardless. And I am bent on making that a reality for as many entrepreneurs as possible.”

With such inspiring thoughts, self-less nature and the urge to grow, Mehran Khan is using digital media to strengthen Rifiako Media. What he has achieved in 16 years of age depicts that he is going to have a series of successful ventures ahead.


Hey This Haris Baloch from balochistan Pakistan I’m 17 year old entrepreneur I have millions of pages in Facebook.