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Meet Berto Delvanicci The Self Made Millionaire



Berto Delvanicci

Berto is a self-made entrepreneur who has generated massive success through business, the foreign exchange markets, and life in general. Berto truly believes that his greatest assets in life have been his work ethic and his ability to bounce back extremely fast. He has always looked at life in a positive manner. He sees it like this: if you’re not constantly waking up to better yourself, you’re not truly living. If he didn’t show up and put in the work on a daily basis, he doesn’t know where he would be today. He for sure wouldn’t be a highly profitable forex trader, he wouldn’t have hundreds of students succeeding and looking up to him for guidance on a daily basis, and he definitely would not be living his best life if he didn’t have the drive to show up daily. Berto has been featured in Buzzfeed, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, MSNBC, voted one of the best Forex Traders this 2018

Berto Delvanicci’s biggest piece of advice comes from his early stages of entrepreneurship- he always saw himself as “different” from the crowd and intuition told him that he couldn’t work a basic 9-5 job if he wanted to live life on his own terms. Berto envisioned more than that, much more.  He wanted the best views, the best cars, the nicest clothes, the coolest watches, and most importantly, the best people’s life could bring him. The advice he was told early on that changed his career was “Don’t be a little b*tch”, a tagline from Grant Cardone, one of Berto’s biggest mentors who went from being a drug addict to a net worth over $700M. This advice always hit Berto deep in the heart because everyone is so sensitive nowadays, and couldn’t handle it. Truth is, no one wants to stay up late putting in the work, no one wants to pay the price today so they can pay any price tomorrow, and no one truly wants success as bad as they fantasize. If you allow little things to distract you daily, you will never get to live the life you envisioned for yourself! Living your best life is all about your attitude, ability to focus, & not being so sensitive to the wind that blows on us all!


Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine