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Meet Canada’s Most Innovative Badminton Coach Eric Hui



Eric Hui

Eric Hui found the sport of Badminton in a period of his life where he didn’t have any passions or friends. The game served as much more than a game to him, for Eric Badminton helped him find confidence in himself both on and off the field. Badminton became such a boiling obsession for Eric that it brought out a competitive edge he never knew he had. He became obsessed with dominating both in the gym and in the sport of Badminton. It was this internal fire he had that drove his pursuit of becoming a national badminton player and a personal trainer, and now combining these two skills to help innovate the way badminton athletes train all across Canada. 

How Eric Built a name for himself as the most innovative Badminton Coach 

Eric Hui began by working a typical job, unable to earn respect, or help as many people as he could, made it very difficult to see the upward growth. After leaving that job, Eric pursued getting a college education; Eric understood that he was interested in pursuing a hands-on career, and the only other option that piqued his interest over physiotherapy was kinesiology. Although an exciting career, it still didn’t feel like his calling. Eric wanted a way to help individuals from all walks of life and truly create an impact on their lives. 

Eric began his personal training career at the gym Habitual Fitness and Lifestyle, by offering to work for free he landed the opportunity to train clients there. While training clients there, Eric knew the dynamics of this gym were different, the type of gym that was congruent with his vision rather than a commercial gym. The gym’s dynamic diversity opened the doors for Eric to train his clients for performance and explosiveness, something he would soon excel in. As he continued, he gained valuable experience with training clients and understanding that not all clients could be trained equally. 

By gaining that insight from constantly adjusting to the data, Eric started creating goals on where he wanted to go with his life and how he could improve to get there. So he began posting his client results on social media, tagging relevant posts, and building the small habits that would eventually lead him to where he is now.  

As his social media started gaining traction, inquiries for online training began flooding his messages, and before he knew Eric had to quit his personal training job to focus on his online clients. Eric’s obsession with truly impacting as many people as possible took the lead. Hence, he focused on his networking and business acuity by scaling his business rapidly from 1-2k a month all the way to 10,000 in a month. Since then, Eric has helped hundreds of individuals see incredible results, partnered with David Phan, and even started work on a project that’s going to revolutionize the way badminton players train and perform. 


Changing Lives One Workout at a Time 

Every time Eric took on a new client, he began to see a similar obstacle; most of his clients faced; they didn’t understand how to train and remain injury-free. In a sport that demands explosiveness, balance, and conditioning, Eric knew he had to change the way these men were going about their training and optimize for improving their performance in Badminton. The program Eric created his program to follow a simple structure tailored around hitting a four-month goal and a 12th-month goal, but yet still flexible enough to challenge his clients with different levels of athleticism. 

Eric’s clients have come from all different backgrounds, from a stay at home moms, dads, or even entrepreneurs, Eric gives every client the same attention to detail. His plans work around hectic schedules, fine-tuning the perfect balance between nutritional diversity for performance, and implementing core lift 2-3 times a week that improve athletic performance in Badminton. This flexibility has helped his clients see amazing results earning Eric the title of most innovative Badminton Coach in Canada. 


Dominating his Field 

Since Eric embarked on his journey of pursuing a career as a Badminton Coach, The recognition and respect he never had finally started to fall into place. The Impact Eric has been able to provide his community, and hundreds of different individuals are taking Eric one step closer to achieving the goals he set out for himself. The Aspiration for more growth and a more significant impact is starting to guide Eric in the direction aligned with his vision of the bigger picture.


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