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Meet Chad Felderhoff, The Family Man Who Runs a 7 Figure Business



Chad Felderhoff

Overcoming obstacles is what makes you capable of doing great things. It’s a fact that applies to the life of Chad Felderhoff, a businessman, entrepreneur and family man who made his way to success. These days there are so many people who struggle while trying to reach success, there is one thing they should believe in—giving yourself completely to your dreams. That is what makes Chad Felderhoff stand out from the rest. Today, he is a director of operations for Muenster Milling, one of the most recognizable businesses in Muenster, Texas.


What Was the Initial Start of Success

Chad Felderhoff wasn’t an ordinary guy with ordinary dreams. He wanted to accomplish something more than a regular 9-5 job and an average salary. This dream caused him many troubles. When his parents wanted to give him a chance to continue the family business, he had more than one vision. Investing in the new assets was one of the things he planned to do. However, the parents were scared of this idea, always trying to find a reason why this idea would not be good for the business. Investments simply come with risk, and that is the point that many people have to overcome. 

Chad was endlessly trying to find a way to make the family business more successful. At the time, his ancestors had already established the business that was standing the test of time. Muenster Milling Company is a pet food manufacturing company that started in 1932. It is a company that serves as an example of a long tradition and quality of production. There are many different operations in the business that are extremely innovative and brings great results. 

Giving a boost to the family business was an essential thing to do in 2013. Chad Felderhoff joined forces with his brother and managed to create a plan that would change the course of the company. With strong dedication and after endless hours of planning and implementation, the two brothers found a way to create the right perspective for the family business. It was the time of huge achievements for all the family members.

Chad and his wife managed to supply the necessities to their children and the biggest move in their career was the solution that Chad applied in his business. He put one amount of money in assets, and the rest was going into the stocks and employment contracts. In 2018, the business started to get a new shape. The two brothers wanted to build a new pet food plant, which would be an ideal solution for business development. With the right tax reinvested program, they managed to get 20% back on capital investment. This allowed them to build a new plant.


How the Story Continues for Chad Felderhoff

The previous years were full of unexpected situations for Chad Felderhoff and his family members. However, his strong vision and dedication made him a huge success. Today, his Muenster Milling Company is earning 7 figures which come from sales and production of animal foods. Chad and his team apply the most modern techniques that make a difference in the industry. Operations are polished to the perfect detail and they made sure the working conditions and wages were perfect and still do to this day. 

Muenster Milling Company currently employs 48 people across three campuses and each facility represents the space where one of the operations has been maintained. With the perfect location in Muenster, Texas, Chad and his brother continue to develop the perfect environment for the future. They plan to expand the business and buy new assets that will improve the overall production. As a result, we can expect an even better position of the company that sets standards in this part of Texas.

Chad Felderhoff is not only an entrepreneur. His story goes beyond running the family business. He was able to save the business by applying some revolutionary solutions, which was the main reason for his success. Taking financial and personal risk is what brings results in the long run. Chad Felderhoff knows how to match the right approach with the right opportunity. His Muenster Milling Company continues to represent an example of a long tradition, strong dedication and family-based approach to success.

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