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Meet Kristofer T. Chaffin: A Doctor And Philanthropist Who Always Goes The Extra Mile To Help Others



Dr. Kristofer Chaffin

Many doctors do enough in their day to day lives to not feel the need to give back to others in the form of charity. Dr. Kristofer Chaffin, on the other hand, is the exception to this rule. He feels it is his responsibility and duty not only to help people through his expertise in medicine and relationship capital but also to help by giving to charity.

“Shortly after owning and operating a private practice I realized I could impact more people if I worked on my business instead of IN my business. I decided to pivot after only 5 years of being in private practice and hire doctors and nurses to run the day to day, while I focused on expanding and innovating.” Kristofer explains.

By that time, Dr. Kristofer T. Chaffin had established a track record of helping patients achieve their health goals and coaching other doctors to create their dream life. His massive success in the healthcare field attracted a waiting list of doctors and clinics who desired the same results. One of the more notable elements of this unbridled success was that he never advertised his services. All of the clients he acquired were directed his way through his proven results and steadfastly earned word of mouth recommendations alone.

“My relationships with elite professional athletes opened doors to me and I quickly learned about relationship capital. I spent the first two years of my new venture struggling to fine tune systems and really blow up. Once I figured it out, clinics from all over the country were hiring me to consult them on how to do the same thing.” Chaffin recalls.

Dr. Chaffin goes on to explain that his clients were happy to pay $30,000 just for him to come to their practices and bestow his knowledge and training upon them. He describes his product, the knowledge that he learned from his own mistakes, as a “stupid tax”. This in turn was an easy sell as a lucrative opportunity for clientele to bypass the difficult trials and errors they would otherwise have to face themselves. 

“I can proudly say that our systems and guidance have produced over thirty multi-million dollar business owners.” He muses.

Rather than just another success story featuring the typical tropes of luxurious spending and self-centered monuments built to oneself, Dr. Chaffin’s is a rare tale proudly highlighting the unsung joys of philanthropy. Though it is clear that he is a man who appreciates flashy cars and suits, he is just as quick to pull up in a flossy whip as he is to give one to a person in need.

“I gave away my Porsche Panamera, that was my daily driver. It went to a charity that provides housing for homeless women and children. The other one, I gave a car to a kid that I found out was homeless and working at a local car wash near my house.” Kristofer proudly recalls.

The evidence of Dr. Chaffin’s generosity and the heart does not end there. He wanted to give back to his community in Sacramento CA and observed Pastor Thomas Hogue feeding the homeless breakfast every Saturday morning for some time. There was one major problem that needed to be addressed: the entire operation was limited to an empty parking lot, as Pastor Tom had no brick and mortar center to function from. Always the selfless soul, Dr. Chaffin spent years finding a 10,000 square foot building from which Pastor Tom would grow his organization into one that is still helping homeless mothers find meaningful employment and secure housing to this day.

Perhaps the soft spot in Kristofer’s heart was formed through his own turbulent past, prior to his major success. He recalls the difficult times: “My wife and I lived in section 8 housing while I was in school and lived off her income. I graduated with nothing but 200K in student loan debt. I had to convince my first landlord to pay for a beautiful office buildout and give me 6 months free rent because I had no money. By a miracle he agreed. It was just after the market crash of 2008 so I feel blessed that we convinced him to put up all that money especially since I had nothing to show for it. Just a kid with a bunch of student loan debt and a dream!”

His triumphant ascension is made all the more remarkable when one fully understands from just how low he began his rise. To achieve such a feat requires a certain caliber of truly noble personality, but the proof is in the pudding. Dr. Chaffin has profound relationships with some of the most esteemed doctors and athletes in the country. Whether professional or personal, Dr. Kristofer T. Chaffin values his relationships and treats all his associates, colleagues, and friends as though they were family. It is this level of personal connection, an inherent talent for entrepreneurial success, and his obvious, loud gestures of human kindness that set him apart as a name to be known by all in his field.

For more information on Dr. Kristofer Chaffin visit his official Instagram account or his website.