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Meet Rayyan Khan: From a Broke University Dropout to One of the Most Trusted and Top Ecommerce Entrepreneurs in the Industry, Banking a whopping 2.1 Million in 1 year



Rayyan Khan

For as long as he can remember, Rayyan’s parents have been pushing him to become a police officer. Both his mother and his father were in the service and they wanted him to follow suit on their career choice. With no better plans of his own and the mounting expectations of his family, he decided to enroll in the university. However, Rayyan never felt like formal education was for him. For one, it contained too much risk and very little reward. It didn’t sit well with him that all he had to show for spending forty thousand dollars was a piece of paper. After only 3 months, Rayyan decided to drop out of university.

As expected, this was a very shameful event for Rayyan’s parents. They became upset and they kicked him out of the house. He was only 18 years old at the time. In an effort to support himself, he took a job at a farmer’s market-making 10 dollars an hour. On top of that, he was homeless. He spent a few days sleeping on a bench at a nearby park until his friend was kind enough to take him in.

These experiences prompted Rayyan Khan to reconsider his passion for business. It was something that he enjoyed doing since he was 11 years old. Even at a young age he had already been involved in garage sales and selling newspapers door to door. While looking for business opportunities, Rayyan came across an event in Toronto where he was introduced to a new business model called drop shipping. The low startup cost and the speaker’s high revenue caught his attention. At the end of the event, the speaker was pitching his coaching program which involved in-person, one-on-one mentorship for 6 months. Unfortunately, the program cost 25 thousand US dollars, an amount Rayyan wasn’t even close to having.

Steeling himself with determination, Rayyan Khan approached the speaker and shared his story. The speaker decided that Rayyan could join the program for whatever amount that he had, which was only three thousand, and pay off the rest as he made money from the business. With his passion and dedication, Rayyan learned everything he could to get started within the first month. By the second month, he had already made his first five thousand in sales.

Fast forward to now, Rayyan and his team have generated well over 2.1 million USD in sales. That is an impressive feat, especially for a 21-year-old. It is challenging to make money in any industry, but with the proper mentorship, it can be simple to make the most of the rapid growth of e-commerce.

The importance of mentoring in the business world cannot be stressed enough. Mentoring allows for the effective passing on of knowledge and skills. The professional and personal support that mentoring provides facilitates success, especially among up-and-coming entrepreneurs. It was through the help and guidance of a mentor that Rayyan Khan was able to pursue his own path in life in the e-commerce industry. He is now on a mission to provide quality assistance to an audience who is dedicated to and hungry for success and is looking for a selected group of people to help out. Rayyan’s main purpose for helping others is for testimonials as he also wants to be a speaker and travel across the world sharing his knowledge. He has already helped tons of his close friends get started and he says if they can do it, he can do it with others as well!  

Rayyan Khan is offering a free one-on-one consulting call for people looking to get started. He also provides live coaching calls every week. Unlike the competition that sells courses, Rayyan offers assistance where clients have his direct line and can contact him whenever they need their questions answered. 

If this is an opportunity that interests you, where you just need a laptop and internet connection to be able to make 6 to 7 figures online then follow Rayyan Khan on Instagram and DM him to see if he is willing to help you out!

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