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Meet Rio Osorio – The Entrepreneur Taking Social Media by Storm



Rio Osorio

Rio Osorio is an Action-Oriented, Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Speaker. Rio grew up humbly in Globe, Arizona, which is a small copper mining town. From a young age, Rio has always been a hustler. He remembers from a young age selling things to other kids in school, looking for ways to make money. Although Rio wanted to pursue his entrepreneurial journey after high school, it was rerouted by him becoming a father at 18. This landed him in the copper mines, where he worked for several years.

Fast-forwarding a few years later, he finally got the chance to pursue entrepreneurship. Rio knew that to scale, he needed to get around the right people. From that, Rio started to focus on strategic partnerships and knew that’s what it would take to get him to the next level. From this conclusion, Rio went on to co-found Dryve Media. Dryve Media is a marketing agency that’s worked with influencers and businesses nationally. Dryve has helped many businesses and brands alike deliver massive results online.

Along Rio’s entrepreneurial journey, he has collected a lot of valuable information. Rio wanted a way to give back, a way to help and inspire others. He decided the fastest way to do so would be to start a personal brand. So, he started up his Instagram and started creating value-driven content. Very quickly, Rio has grown his Instagram to over 63,000 followers! Due to this, he’s been able to collaborate with many high-level entrepreneurs and influencers. This took his businesses and personal brand to the next level.

Rio recently has formed another strategic partnership, with Multi-Millionaire Serial Entrepreneur John Malott. A 90-day mentorship program, where mentees learn from high-level, superstar entrepreneurs for a low cost. They’re bringing in entrepreneurs like Josh Snow and Cody Grandaham. Through this program, they’re training on mindset, entrepreneurship, and how to scale a business fast.

Above all, Rio is a normal guy with above average dreams and goals. From working in a copper mine to working with multi-millionaires, he’s always had the same attitude. Rio proves that the American dream is still alive and that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything.