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Meet the Man Behind the Wildly Successful Acquisitions Fund



Meet the Man Behind the Wildly Successful Acquisitions Fund

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is related to cash flow issues. 82 percent of all companies that fail do so because of cash flow problems, and especially the lack of enough startup capital. When Moran Pober learned this, he came up with an ingenious solution. He created an acquisition fund that helps entrepreneurs find enough money to acquire businesses. Pober says, “I found out that many people have access to deals, they are committed and motivated, but capital is the last thing they’re missing in buying their dream business.” Pober’s acquisition financing has made it easier for entrepreneurs to attain their goals of owning a business by providing them with an immediate resource that is more convenient than traditional lending solutions. In this article, we take a look into Pober’s creation and what it has been like for him when building his idea.


Motivating Business Owners to Sell Their Businesses by Funding the Buyers

According to expert opinion, there is a point in business growth where a company owner has the best reason to sell a business. That ‘best reason’ according to Pober is business value. Every company owner knows that their business has a specific value. Though most entrepreneurs would instead grow their businesses than sell them, some wouldn’t hesitate to sell their companies if they had the right motivation. Pober believes that the greatest motivation to sell a business is money. “If you give anyone the chance to liquidate their business for what it is worth, they will take the deal,” says Pober. “My clients can buy a business with no money whatsoever, only if the seller is motivated to sell; but what if he’s not motivated enough?” adds Pober. In Pober’s world, three things have to work together. First, there needs to be a business owner who knows the value of their business but needs just the right motivation to sell. Second, a buyer who wants to buy but doesn’t have enough money. Third, Pober comes in and gives the buyer access to cash, who then uses it to motivate the business owner to let go of the business for its exact value. Although Pober has been successful in his venture, he has faced significant challenges.


Trust in Business Is Important but Not Easy to Earn and Develop

Speaking about the most significant challenge he has had to face in building his acquisition financing business, Pober points out, “having to trust people with the money.” With all the risks involved in transacting substantial amounts of money, Pober has had to develop good judgment as one of the most crucial elements of trust in business. As a leader in his area of specialization, Pober has had to learn how to make decisions and uphold transparency in a way that all players in his business have developed trust in him. The tricky part has been learning how to trust others in return. However, by being consistent, he has been in a position to go above and beyond what needs to be done and in the process, trusted his clients to play their part. In the end, they never disappoint. 


There Is Power in Learning from Mistakes

Part of Pober’s business success comes from understanding the value of failure. Pober knows that to be a better entrepreneur, he has to learn from his mistakes. That way, he can always avoid repeating errors. He says, “I realized that as long as I am in business, I’ll not always be perfect. So I welcome failure as warmly as I do success, and that has been a strength for me.” In his line of work, Pober assumes the role of mentor, treats his clients as people who need something valuable from him, then positions himself in the best position to provide what is required. “As long as my clients are cooperative, I give 100 percent. My philosophy is that simple.” he summarizes.

In his own right and from compelling proof, Moran Pober is the go-to person for all who need that extra push to get what they want. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs buy the businesses of their dreams by providing a financing solution. If you are out there and you could do with some help in raising acquisition funding, Pober is the man you should be talking to.