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Meet the Wonder Kid, Murphy Thomas, Digital Marketing Specialist at Fifteen Years Old



Murphy Thomas 

Business knows no age. In our modern times and with how fast technology is developing, the number of tools for people to do business has greatly increased. Marketing within the digital space has become commonplace. The trend is increasing towards this form of marketing to be the future of marketing itself. Digital Marketing has seen an upward tick and a massive boom due to social media marketing and influencer culture. There are a lot of ways to make money in the digital space. It’s up to how one leverages their skills and expertise in the department that can make or break the opportunities that are given to them.

That’s not to say, however, that anyone can just become an entrepreneur overnight. There are a certain skill set and expertise that comes along with it, and the 15-year old wonder kid Murphy Thomas has all the chops and more. Murphy Thomas has been able to attain a network of over 200k on Instagram alone, while also having a 100k network on Tik Tok and those numbers are growing faster than anyone could ever imagine. He has made over $3,000 selling ads as a 15-year old boy, that’s got to say a lot about his potential.

Murphy first started his Instagram account at the age of twelve. He created a sports account that had over 1,000 followers, but he soon stopped using the account itself. He later realized that he had a passion for digital marketing and leveraged that passion into something that could make him earn financially and grow his audience at the same time.

With Murphy’s staggering influence, he can provide his network to any client that demands it to have their products promoted with great response. By no means is Murphy stopping here, he plans to amass even more influence so he can capture an audience and promote his clients’ products. A true blue influencer at heart, Murphy is set to take the social media sphere by storm, which goes without saying, business and entrepreneurial endeavors truly know no age. 

Fiscally responsible teenagers and business-minded individuals like Murphy have gained a massive platform through social media where they can influence people and connect them with businesses and services that they might need. It’s truly a great day and age for digital marketing, and Murphy is pulling out all the stops in dominating the field at a very young age. There’s no telling how much the wonder kid will grow in the years to come, his potential is through the roof, and it’s exciting to see where he ends up in the future.

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