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Meet The Worlds Top Transformational Coach: Jacob Galea



Jacob Galea

One of the world’s top success coaches, Jacob Galea was born in a blue-collar family. He started off as a factory worker and at a very young age, he discovered the importance of the right mindset. He managed to transform his own life by using his inner power and accessing his inner warrior. That enabled him to become a famous and successful coach. He realized that he had valuable knowledge that many people could benefit from, so he decided to share it with the world. He is doing that in his own unique way, combined with his great charisma and passion for his job.


Jacob Galea is specialized in transformational and success coaching. His goal is to help people to transform their lives and their careers. He believes that there is great power inside every one of us. Many people are not aware of their inner warrior, and Jacob is here to teach them how to recognize it. Everyone needs little guidance and motivation at the beginning, but when you tap into your inner power, you will become unstoppable! That is what happened to thousands of people Jacob motivated, who are now at the top of their industries while living their best life at the same time.


Jacob speaks from his personal experience as well as from his past knowledge. He dedicated the last 20 years of his life to studying the human mind and its power. He was especially interested in the subconscious mind, visualization and warrior strategies. He is also well trained in martial arts, in fact, he has a black belt in karate. All of this enabled him to create a unique program of personal transformation called Warrior training. Jacob Galea has a unique approach to personal development. He combines the skills he learned from martial arts experts to bring more discipline, clarity and focus to business owners and their staff.


Some of his students define his unique approach as a mix of awakening, motivation and mind training. In fact, Jacob was always interested in many fields of self-improvement and he also studied emotional intelligence and hypnotherapy. He gathered all of his knowledge to create his effective coaching style, which guarantees results when it comes to your mindset as well as it comes to your life goals.


Jacob Galea is a mentor and trainer to thousands of business owners, celebrities and influencers and he helps many people changed their life. He was there to guide them through the process, offer advice and support. He participated in many events and shared his secrets and tips with huge audiences. His goal is to share his knowledge with as many people as possible because he believes everyone deserves a chance to transform their life.


His goal is to awaken people and show them their true potential. He found his life purpose in teaching and motivating people to unleash their true potential and he is doing that with success and passion. He helped thousands of people overcome their limits and achieve what they thought was impossible. His results qualify him as one of the most successful coaches in the world.

Jacob Galea 

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