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Mike Fallat is Changing The Game of Books



Mike Fallat

Mike Fallat makes books. Not just any books, but powerful books from people that are changing the world.

Everything started when he realized WHY he didn’t care about writing when he was younger. And he came to the conclusion that it was because his heroes like Tom Petty and Alice Cooper didn’t.

So, that’s when he decided to combine the rock star feel with the book creation and create “Dream Starters Publishing” the #1 Book Creation Service For Entrepreneurs.

“My dream life constituted doing what I want, with whom I want, whenever I wanted.  And I couldn’t do that working for someone. So I looked around and still didn’t see what I was looking for. I found out that the only way to get out of obscurity was to manufacture a path.  So, I wrote a book, and it instantly changed my life” Mr. Fallat shared.

There are plenty of reasons the entrepreneurial route is tough, especially when the journey starts from zero. Mike Fallat as many other entrepreneurs phased many struggles starting out.

“When I started I struggle with the fact that nobody knew who I was and nobody did not have the time/care to look into finding out  Obscurity is what kills your dreams, and to fix that it takes a lot of time, money, and energy. If you don’t have money, they then you need to get very creative.  You have to use what you have that no one else has – YOUR STORY. If you use it properly, it can generate a lot of attention. Which will lead to money,” explained Mr. Fallat.

But once he realized his passion for books, the impact they could have on society and how to use it as a marketing tool, he fell in love with the industry, taking all his passions and combine them into making the book industry as attractive as possible.

He then wrote his first book, that changed people’s lives instantly, Started from Zero, and after its success and people calling for him to help other writers and to be a motivational speaker, it became his trademark.

Now, Mike is changing people’s lives and brands with his creations. His advice “If you give up once, you will give up on something else.  Maybe its the gym, a relationship, or another great idea. So, don’t get into the habit of giving up because the people at the top can sense if you have the “quitting gene” inside of you. Play to win for life.”

Mike Fallat has published some of the biggest books by top entrepreneurs such as: Build to grow by Tim Lions, The Sales war by Brian Q. Davis, Do The Hustle by George Caceres, The Rhino Mindset by Ali Zamani, and many more.

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