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Misty Oaks Paxton Unravels Her Journey on Becoming the Spiritual Attorney



With no end in sight to the global pandemic, thousands of people have had their morale crushed as they struggle to endure one of the recent world’s heaviest crises. Many seek the help of professionals to lift themselves from depression, but for many, therapy and self-help can only do so much. Misty Oaks Paxton, a professional attorney, has taken on the role of a spiritual attorney to give her clients guidance.

For as long as she could remember, Misty Oaks Paxton had always been fascinated by spirituality and metaphysics. However, her curiosity would not be enough to sustain herself in life, and she knew that. So Misty decided to take a practical approach and pursued the safety of a legal career. For many years, she stayed on track with her plan, but eventually, it started taking a toll on it. “I was stressed, pressured, overwhelmed, and miserable the majority of the time,” she revealed. 

All clouds have a silver lining, and despite how overwhelming the situation got, Misty found herself coming home to her spiritual roots. Meditation, mindfulness, energy work, and card readings allowed peace and spiritual calmness to soothe her mind. From there, Misty started to delve deeper.

“I started doing card readings for close friends and family, and my passion was set on fire by the downloads I was being given from spirit to share with others,” she said. Her ever-supportive husband encouraged her to expand further to share more of her practices with the world. In doing so, Misty saw more value added to their lives. “I felt a difference in my own life and the lives of those I worked with,” she shared, “It really encouraged me to share my services with the world.”

Since then, Misty Oaks Paxton has built her brand as The Spiritual Attorney. A true professional in every sense, she is a certified Meditation & Mindfulness Coach, a Spiritual Life Coach, an author, a speaker, and an energy healer who practices Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique to remove subconscious blockages and guides her clients towards success. Being one of the few spiritual attorneys globally, Misty is no stranger to questions about what she does. She often tells people it is her job to lead her clients back to the truth already inside them.

“To that still, small voice that guides them and will never steer them wrong. To the divine that resides within,” Misty described.

Misty uses different techniques and tools as a spiritual attorney, often relying on cards, crystals, sound, and Reiki, among many others. However, her favorite tool is her latest book, FOCUS: Redirect the Magnifying Glass of Your Life to Live the Life of Your Dreams. Her book helps remind readers that the seat of their power is within their minds, and it gives them step-by-step guidance on how they can find and keep their righteous minds through the power of their focus.

While she has already impacted the lives of others, Misty Oaks Paxton is still eager to carry her work on a global scale. She foresees her brand as the most trusted one when it comes to spiritual guidance. Following the release of her book, Misty hopes to launch more products, classes, seminars, and workshops, establishing herself as a thought leader in spirituality and self-actualization.

Learn more about Misty Oaks Paxton by visiting her official website.

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