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Mohammed Shakaoat: Uplifting Entrepreneurs Within E-Commerce



Mohammed Shakaoat of Project Wifi is a respected entrepreneur that has constructed a self-made empire through his diligent work ethic. From a young age, Mohammed possessed a taste for entrepreneurship where he began selling candy bars in school to build a profitable business. At present, Mohammed manages numerous businesses including Project Wifi which projects their mission of uplifting the success of businesses through their team of dropshipping experts with their years of dedicated and thorough experience. 

Growing up within various regions around the world brought about a drive to embrace Mohammed Shakoat’s cultural diversity. Immigrating to the United States was certainly difficult, yet he managed to learn and adjust to the newly founded lifestyle. Later in his life, Mohammed attended Florida International University where he pursued a degree in criminal justice leading to a career in law enforcement of a police officer. Through discovering this field was the incorrect fit for his passions, Mohammed decided to deviate from planned and set out for an entrepreneurial journey. 

Previous to the founding of Project Wifi, Mohammed’s first steps among the business world began with running a dropshipping store of his own. Generating a monthly revenue of $280,000, Mohammed invested his high profit to develop other businesses. 

In the year of 2019, Mohammed moved to Los Angeles where he would soon meet his future business partners, Andy Vonde, Paul Parker, and Marcello Cantu. With the undoubted support of his partners, Project Wifi was founded. The business is an Amazon Automation Management service for dropshipping stores. Stemming from extremely different points within life, each of their diverse viewpoints contributed to the high level of success Project Wifi has come to be. 

By the age of 28, Mohammed managed to construct an empire that would deem him a self-made millionaire. Thus far in his career, Mohammed built a seven figure business within seven months amidst a pandemic with growing his ATM business with OPM to achieve six figures. Not only does he attribute his developed skill set to maintaining a strong and diligent mindset, but most importantly the errors and lessons he has learned over the course of his career. 

Mohammed’s main missions revolve around driving the success of upcoming business striving for a high level of success. COVID-19 sparked a rise in E-Commerce which further drove Project Wifi to reach high achievements that he did not expect. Dropshipping is a business where entrepreneurs develop an online store to sell wholesale items at a higher price point. This market allows individuals to work from anywhere due to the fact that there is no physical inventory. 

In the future, Mohammed Shakaoat plans to further expand his numerous businesses and grow Project Wifi to new heights of success.

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