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MOMpreneur Finds Solution To a Problem Every Child Has



MOMpreneur Finds Solution To a Problem Every Child HasMOMpreneur Finds Solution To a Problem Every Child Has
Daphne Kaufer, founder of the leading children’s line, DaphDaph, which instantly transforms kids into superheroes in the blink of an eye, and is a fan fave for the Kardashians and Mason!

Kaufer began her business on a mission to help children everywhere be confident in themselves while living through the trials and tribulations of growing up. Daphne had been working as an architect but flipped the switch when she was not fulfilling her passion. After turning to footwear, she created a successful shoe line for kids before she had kids herself. After having her first son, she was overwhelmed with travel and wanted to be there for his upbringing. She then became pregnant with a daughter and decided to close the shoe collection, which had many ties to Europe. As a current mother, Kaufer is very familiar with the motherhood experience first-hand. She also realized that mothers are on a budget, and her shoe line was extremely expensive, so she sought to create fun products both parents and kids could enjoy, on a budget. At three years old, Daphne’s son really wanted a backpack with a cape, so Daphne developed her first prototype for SuperME! Backpacks. Many consumers were curious about how quickly the production and exposure came to be, and this happened because Daphne had the prior experience, which she applied from her shoe line, and quickly had the backpacks in over 80 stores, and was strongest in the first 2.5 years.

Kaufer then started playing with neoprene and began developing a new product that would serve a different, yet useful purpose for kids. During swimming lessons, Daphne’s son would choose to swim in superhero masks instead of regular goggles, and requested to combine the two. After the first tradeshow, Toy Fair in NYC, Daphne used a glue gun and mask to piece the two together, and people began to rave and place orders. The factory in Taiwan took longer than three months of engineering and production. In the summer of 2016, the line launched, rubber was added to hold the neoprene together, and printing kinks needed to be adjusted. By August, the company was sold out and it was clear, people were coming back and placing orders repeatedly, building loyalty for the brand.

Currently, the goggles are still evolving, with new prints and designs being released every season. Larger sizes for teens and adults have also been added based on the demand. Daphne says, “Every product has a lifespan, and they move in cycles. I am always coming up with new ideas and products—when I have an idea, I know for sure I will create it.”


More about DaphDaph:

DAPHDAPH was created by designer Daphne Kaufer. The inspiration came from her own children and their adventurous lives. Aspiring to create a line of fun and functional products that reflect the uniqueness of each child, the company aims to make families enjoy an active lifestyle together and put on a smile! They offer easy solutions to everyday problems such as kids not being willing to put on their goggles, messy hair and personalizing belongings to avoid getting forgotten and lost in a unique, fun and smart way. All products are designed in a beautiful, outdoorsy San Francisco area, and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards in Taiwan at an ISO 9001 certified, family-owned and operated the factory. The company is currently offering three lines of products: Giggly Goggles, BonBunz and SuperME.

The products are sold worldwide and you can also find them on Daphne Kaufer has a BA in Architecture from the University of Cardiff, Wales and AA in Footwear and Accessories Design from FIDM Los Angeles. Her passion has always been designing for kids and their families, and she has been doing so proudly and happily for over 15 years. Daphne is a mother of two and when she is not running after them or managing the business she can be found volunteering as the school’s PTO Co-President and member of the board of trustees.  Daphne loves art and design and enjoys shopping for new ideas and inspiration every day and everywhere. She enjoys cooking and hosting parties for her family and friends and at the end of the day finds her inner peace working out and doing Yoga.

Sylvia Russell has been working in entertainment and with celebrities for over 25 years. She was the key makeup artist for the Tampa Bay cheerleaders and worked on various celebrities, ranging from Hulk Hogan and family to foodie Adam Richman and HSN show hosts. Russell has been a beauty and lifestyle expert host for 10 years in Tampa at WFLA, Channel 8 @ The Daytime Show and Channel 10 @studio10. She has also worked for NBC Dateline, TLC Network, The Travel Channel and has been an educator in the classroom for top beauty companies, as well as owned and managed salon start ups. Russell founded the business in August 2017 in St. Petersburg Florida and is a proud mother of 3.

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