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Navjyot Gurudatta – A Roadie In Real Life With Entrepreneur Spirit



Navjyot Gurudatta - A Roadie In Real Life With Entrepreneur Spirit

Navjyot Gurudutta, Entrepreneur who loves being Sporty and lives life King size, Always ready for any Challenge. Right from childhood Navjyot Gurudutta loves to explore life. He was always fond of new things he likes challenges in his life like a true sportsman.

Navjyot Gurudutta a Sportsman: Navjyot Gurdutta was good in outdoor games from his childhood some of the games like Football, his favorite player is Christina Ronaldo. His love football took him to the state level where he won many Medals for his State in Football & Cricket. He loves traveling and Reading.

Love for Roadie: Navjyot Gurudutta got fame from MTV Roadies where he participated at a very small age compare to other participants he was extremely impressive in the Battleground. Even the Roadies Mentors/Crew team got impressed with his performance.

Navjyot Gurudutta’s Profession: As we say dreams are not easy to get and Navjyot was aware of it right from an early age. Navjyot Gurudutta works smart which can be seen in his family business he changed the pattern of selling things as he diverted the whole concept of his family business into exporting once he started exporting his Rice to other places his family business got new hope and good profit.

Navjyot also holds his personal Digital Startup too called Fame Managers of Digital Marketing as his team is working for more than 190 Celebs/Brands. He is also known as Digital Entrepreneur; He knows how to make people famous with the help of Digital Platform. So don’t get surprised if you see Navjyot make it big in a few years’ time as he knows how to do it.

He is a true Punjabi guy who is healthy with his body and Brain which is helping him to achieve big in life at a very small age. He loves his family a lot which can be seen in his through his lifestyle.

Navjyot Guruduta On MTV Roadies Battle Ground 6 : Navjyot Gurudtta has taken part in many social activities too, one of them is ‘Save Girl Child’ rally which is available in youtube as MTV Roadies BattleGround 6 – Task#2 “Save Girl Child”: NavjyOt GurUdatta, he has actively worked for swatch Bharat Abhiyan at his place.

Final Words: Surely Navjyot Gurudutta has a bright future looking to his abilities and his dedication for work and love for sports. We can get a true definition of Roadie in him who fights with heart, mind and knows the importance of the team.

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